Ciara Poses with the Easter Bunny While Enjoying ICE CREAM!

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My home girl Ciara has that motherly glow and prettiness she shared some very cute candids of her first Easter as a new mommy. The happy mommy to be was spotted enjoying ice cream and even took her first Easter Bunny picture. Ciara is going to be a fun momma to follow once the baby get here; I can see it!

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Lil Kim Announces She Is Having a Baby GIRL!

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Over the Holy Weekend Lil Kim announced that she is having a little Kim. That’s right the Queen Bee of Hip Hop is going to have a princess to share her hip hop throne. The mommy shared her big news and even bigger party details with her fans as an Easter surprise.
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Vanessa Simmons Shares Baby Ava Marie Jean with Instagram!

PrettyWriter1 Apr 18 14 1 Comment


My home girl Vanessa Simmons shared an adorable picture of her new baby girl Ava Marie Jean with Instagram. What a pretty baby! Go head NESSA motherhood looks fantastic on you!


The Game Calls Ex-Fiancee Tiffney Cambridge Cruel & Vindictive!

PrettyWriter1 Apr 11 14 2 Comments


The Game and his relationship with ex-fiancee Tiffney Cambridge seems to be deteriorating even further. The big homie took to Instagram to vent about his relationship and express anger about not seeing his kids.

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Master P Makes Public Statement In Response to Estranged Wife’s Custody Claims!

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The big homie Master P took to Youtube to clear his name and talk about the issues he is having with his estranged wife Sonya Miller regarding the custody of the couple’s underaged children.

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Ludacris Loses Custody Case & Has to Pay $35,000 for Child Support!

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The homie Ludacris is having to cough up major bucks thanks to a court order regarding his full custody petition and child support case regarding his new baby girl.

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T.I. Tells the Thirsty to Stop Stalking Him on Instagram!

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The big homie T.I. posted a public service message for the THIRSTY who resorts to stalking him on his children’s Instagram page. This public message includes the terms #THOTS & #THIRSTBUCKETS. I swear the homie sure do have a way with words.


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Master P’s Estranged Wife Demands Custody Of Children!

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“Make em say UGH” is what Master P’s estranged wife Sonya Miller is doing by demanding custody of the couple’s minor children. Check out the domestic details below. Read More »

Ludacris Attends RIO 2 Premier With His Daughter in Atlanta!

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Ludacris-daughterLudacris and her daughter attends RIO 2″ Premier at Atlantic Station Regal Cinema

Recording artist Janelle Monae was tapped on the shoulder by director Carlos Saldanha for the movie RIO 2! Well it’s finally here and the celebration began in Atlanta with celebrities Towanda Braxton, Ludacris, v103′s Ryan Cameron and their families. Check out the pics! Read More »