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The New Orleans Pelicans Fallen Angel


Unfortunately, just as people are brought into the world each day, people die each day as well. The news just came through with that Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot in the abdomen and died from the wounds. He was just signed to the New Orelean Pelicans in Januray with a 3 year contract and then they received the news earlier today that he passed away. How sad is that.

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More details explaining the actual particulars have yet to be released but everything is being investigated as we speak. This always bothers me when young men and young peoples lives in general are taken early. Again, we do not know what exactly happened but I honestly just hope he was not involved with any mess.


The team is greatly sadden by this news and hav just released a letter expressing their feelings and condolences to the family. I’m not sure if he had a family of his own or not as far as a wife and children but I know anyone who was close to him is feeling this terribly.


Bryce Dejean- Jones was another taken to soon, and we need to stop the violence please, it’s only leading to destruction of the human race!



Notorious B.I.G.


It is a legend’s birthday today everyone. I know by now you all have seen multiple posts on social media about Biggie Smalls and Bad Boy Records. As we all know P. Diddy is currently doing the Bad Boy Tour reunion and the day that he performs in New York just so happens to be the same day as Biggie’s birthday! Can we say perfect timing?

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Biggie was literally the anchor for Bad Boy Records and it’s only right for the reunion to tour in New York and for a performance to be done on the legend’s birthday. Have any of you all seen the movie done for Biggie explaining his life, called: Notorious BIG? If not, I strongly recommend it. It is an awesome film and it just confirms once again, how talented artist live through their music and connect with people. Legends are Legends and there is nothing else that compares.


Even though Biggie’s life was cut way too soon, we are thankful for the stories that he was able to share of his struggle while living, through his music. Being at that level of fame can be more than a lot to balance but it’s more than evident that it can be done and mastered with the right team of people and energy surrounding you.

May God bless Biggie’s family and allow us to continuously honor his legacy!




Can He Rest In Peace?


Issues regarding Prince and his most recent death are still very much so alive and mobil. If you all were not aware Prince doctor was under investigation after authorities found out the number of times he had his prescriptions filled in the last seven days of his life. Dr. Michael Schulenberg, not only was very specific as to what he would speak on but we just found out he left his practice. Is that not suspicious, or what?

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I mean if you have nothing to hide and you are innocent then why would you feel the need to  leave your entire practice? Did you not work your entire life for this? What are you trying to cover up? These are the questions that I’m sure many people want the answers to.


On top of this, remember the long lost sister I told you about claiming that she deserves a piece of Prince’s estate? Yes, well just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier it did. Recently, there was also a man claiming to be his son and requesting his cut as well. Sources clearly have no idea how valid this claim is and it is still under investigation. This is just too much mess if you ask me.

It is so true when they say your skeleton’s are not skeleton’s for long!


The creative and irreplaceable legend Prince, who we all now know died last month on the 21st, is now being discussed all through the courts. The distribution over his estate is becoming a lot more questionable then originally anticipated. Prince didn’t have a will so that leaves room for many suspect claims to come through on claiming his estate.




It has been over week since we received the devastating news of the artist Prince sudden death. Even though he is gone physically, the musical genius didn’t leave us with just memories of his past work, if you were a follower of the legend then you know that it was said he had a vault full of music he recorded that hasn’t been released. READ MORE

Prince’s Death Caused by an Overdose?

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Music icon Prince’s abrupt passing has caused many to speculate about the potential cause of the musician’s death. The night before his body was found unresponsive, 57-year-old Prince successfully performed his final show in Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. He apologized for cancelling a prior show at the venue, proceeded to perform his biggest hits featuring a purple piano, and ended the concert with his legendary tune “Purple Rain.” To concert goers, Prince didn’t show any signs of malaise or alarming behavior that could have predicted his untimely death. This has caused rumors to swirl about what could have killed the singer?


Our thoughts & prayers with the entire ‘Sweetie Pies’ family on the tragic death of Andre Montgomery. Ms. Robbie’s grandson who lived with her for a short period of time to finish high school and change his life.

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2 Chainz appeared on Wendy Williams talk show (March 7) to talk about his new album with Lil Wayne, Collegrove. The Atlanta rapper also discussed the death of Bankroll Fresh as well.  READ MORE