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Actor Thomas Ford Dies at 52


Actor Thomas Ford passed away yesterday at the age of 52! Best known as “Tommy” from the popular 90’s sitcom “Martin,” the big homie played very important role in the majority of our childhoods.

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Shawty Lo’s Children

He is survived by 11 children, who came together for a joint tribute. After sharing individually, they spoke as one: “He will always be our king.” In one touching, emotional moment, the older children helped his youngest say goodbye.

Hundreds of friends and fans came out to show love to Atlanta’s own Shawty Lo. It was clear that he was definitely loved and will be missed by many.

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Bobbi Kristina!


Today marked the one year anniversary of Bobbi Kristina’s death, Whitney Houston and Bobby Houston’s daughter. If you all don’t recall this was a hard loss for many people in the industry as the death of her mother was. Bobby died just like her mother and was found face first unconscious in a tub. What a way to go out, huh?

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We read stories like this of people in the limelight such as celebrities and think, “how could this actually be, right?” We are puzzled and baffled at the fact that some people who seem to have it all in life could still build up the courage to kill themselves.


Even though the public did know of the issues that Whitney went through with her husband Bobby they seemed to overshadow what that and the effects that the industry ultimately had on her as a person.


Bobby must have had it bad if she had to grow up seeing such a toxic relationship between her mother and father. I could only imagine what was going through her head the night that she decided suicide was the answer.


Rest in peace Bobby!

Saying Goodbye to Another Legend: RIP Pat Summitt.


The Pat Summitt Foundation announced this morning that the legendary NCAA coach has passed away. Summitt was 64.


‘Star Trek’ Actor Dies in Freak Accident


Happy Birthday Purple Rain!

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It’s crazy how I was just talking about the foolery with the man’s family and today is his birthday. Happy birthday to a legend, a true artist, a real person who was not limited at all by what society was dishing out. I don’t know about you but I honestly love artist who are in there own little world. That trait just makes life a lot more smoother to deal with life in a sense, don’t you think?

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To all my artist in the world, my actually talented artist, what are you going to do today in honor of the great Prince? I’m pretty sure Prince is looking down at us right now smiling saying as much as he hates to see his fans sad, he had to go. It was actually confirmed I think a week ago that the actual cause of his death was a drug overdose.

unnamed (37)

Do you all think this was on purpose? Do you think he wanted to die? I hope that is not true but with all this madness going on if he wasn’t happy here that conclusion could make sense.

Well whatever the “real” reason was we will not be sad on this day but celebrate the greatness that he left in his legacy!


I AM The Greatest.


It breaks my heart to report, that after the legend Muhammad Ali was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support that he has left this earth on today. Muhammad Ali, again another legend, was sick and knew that his time was near just recently. People all over the world who have continuously been inspired by him have paid their respects, including our incredible president, Barack Obama.

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It is honestly people like Muhammad Ali who have paved the way for so many great artist in the world. I personally do not like boxing but I don’t and didn’t have to like his craft in order to be inspired by the way he went after it. The art of perfecting your craft is a real and necessary thing and only those with the discipline and willpower to make a difference in this world will be considered the Greatest. Of. All. Time.


Even though Ali has left this earth as many other great legends have, this doesn’t mean that any of the love, encouragement, or art that he put in the world has to go in vain. This is why legends are on this earth for a specific amount of time in the first place. Not so that we may live forever but so that we create or are involved with something that does!


Thank you Muhammad Ali for everything and you can rest assured knowing that I myself and any other artist striving to be the one of the greatest will not let your legacy go in vain!



The New Orleans Pelicans Fallen Angel


Unfortunately, just as people are brought into the world each day, people die each day as well. The news just came through with that Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot in the abdomen and died from the wounds. He was just signed to the New Orelean Pelicans in Januray with a 3 year contract and then they received the news earlier today that he passed away. How sad is that.

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More details explaining the actual particulars have yet to be released but everything is being investigated as we speak. This always bothers me when young men and young peoples lives in general are taken early. Again, we do not know what exactly happened but I honestly just hope he was not involved with any mess.


The team is greatly sadden by this news and hav just released a letter expressing their feelings and condolences to the family. I’m not sure if he had a family of his own or not as far as a wife and children but I know anyone who was close to him is feeling this terribly.


Bryce Dejean- Jones was another taken to soon, and we need to stop the violence please, it’s only leading to destruction of the human race!