Will The Queen Bee Mariah Huq Be Buzzed Off Her Throne By Newbies Lisa Cloud and Dr Heavenly?

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lisa-leggsHow do the ladies of Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine really feel about the Queen Bee Mariah? Lisa Nicole Cloud “She thinks she’s the Queen Bee, better than Quad and all of this.” “She’s always traveling with an entourage,wants to be the”comments Lisa Cloud. “You don’t need your momma, yo sister and four more other black people,” comments Dr. Heavenly Kimes. I see lots of shad coming from the #NewKidsOnTheBlock .Tonight’s episode will answer the question Read More »

Ludacris Attends RIO 2 Premier With His Daughter in Atlanta!

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Ludacris-daughterLudacris and her daughter attends RIO 2″ Premier at Atlantic Station Regal Cinema

Recording artist Janelle Monae was tapped on the shoulder by director Carlos Saldanha for the movie RIO 2! Well it’s finally here and the celebration began in Atlanta with celebrities Towanda Braxton, Ludacris, v103′s Ryan Cameron and their families. Check out the pics! Read More »

Is Beyonce’s Little Brother Living In A Homeless Shelter?

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If the new rumors are true, I swear Beyonce’s new little brother is gonna be like Brandy and Ray-J’s illegitimate half-brother C-Dove. Angry and bitter.

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Kanye’s Wants Kim To Be “A” List [But Isn't She Already?]

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People say that it couldn’t be done. But Kanye pulled it off by getting his baby momma on the cover of Vogue.  But could K&K’s next goal of making kim an “A” list star also become a reality.

Find out the scoop below.

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T.I. Shares Parenting Tips on the Arsenio Hall Show!

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The big homie TIP was on the Arsenio Hall Show last night  giving advice on how to cope with daughters who are dating. The interview was very candid and he even give advice to Arsenio’s audience on parenting and social media and kids.

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Nick Admits Mariah Carey Was Pissed w/ Conquest Convo [Audio]

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Kim Kardashian is being a sport these days, though her name once again, gets dragged through the mud. Nick Cannon continues to dig in [no pun intended] to the . Checkout what he’s saying now.

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Beyonce Shows New Pics of Baby Blue Ivy!

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Beyonce shares new Blue Ivy pics. Checkout the awwwdorable pictures below.

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Benzino Opens Up About Family Fued, Blames Money, Jealousy & Envy!

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Rapper/Reality Star Benzino opens up about what caused all this family drama, that resulted in him being shot multiple times at his mothers funeral, by a growing feud growing between he and his now jailed nephew.

It seems money is the root of all evil.

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Gunshots Sprayed At Benzino, Reality Star Barely Escapes Fatality!!

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Reality star Benzino, who’s molded his career on high-octane antics from day one, got a real dose of realty as his own nephew tried to take him out over the weekend. Mourning the loss of his mother, it seems family drama played a major part in the attempt on Benzino’s life.

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