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Tyra Banks is known for a number of crazy antics that she’s done on her talk show but this video takes the cake. In the video, Tyra is seen getting hype to the dance song made after her, Walk Like Tyra, alongside YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. Check inside to see Tyra like you’ve never seen her before. READ MORE

Relationship Books From Tiny And T.I. Coming Soon

Bankhead’s own T.I.P and wife Tiny are in the making of his and hers relationship books. During a promo run for his first fictional novel entitled Power & Beauty: A Love Story of Life on the Streets, T.I himself has told XXL Magazine that he and his wife are going to pen a book. READ MORE

Lloyd Address Irv Gotti’s Negative Remarks

Irv Gotti recently did an interview where he openly discussed the bad blood between him and his former recording artist Lloyd. His remarks have not gone unnoticed as Lloyd finally responds to Gotti’s allegations of Lloyd not being respectful once he was released from Murder Inc. Check inside for Lloyds full response. READ MORE

Soulja Boy Documentary Being Released Today (Video)

The story behind Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy will be arriving at various media outlets today.

Directed by the Academy Award nominated Peter Spirer, “Soulja Boy – The Movie” will focus on the rapper’s rise to fame, from his early days recording in his father’s studio to his success with hit singles like “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” “Turn My Swag On,” and “Kiss Me Through the Phone.”

Spirer recently told us that he’s created a film that gives viewers a “straight forward intimate look at a talented young man.”

The Movie has been getting great reviews:

Here’s The Video READ MORE

Kanye, Jay-Z Sued Over “Watch The Throne” Sample

Jay-Z and Kanye West are the latest artists to feel the legal wrath of R&B singer Syl Johnson. ” Johnson filed a complaint against the rappers in Illinois federal court last Friday alleging that they illegally sampled his music for their album “Watch The Throne.” Johnson specifically claims that Kanye and Jay used a portion of his track “Different Strokes” to create their tune “The Joy.” Johnson also alleges that Kanye originally wanted to sample his music for his solo album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” but was unable to get clearance. Back in August when “Watch The Throne” was released, Johnson’s label, the Numero Uno Group, posted a message on its blog saying Johnson is a “veteran of copyright infringement cases” and still has plenty of fight left in him.


Johnson, who created many successful songs in the 1960s and 70s, has accused many musicians of illegally using his music over the years. READ MORE

DJ Khaled Gives Rick Ross Bus To Get Home

Rick Ross is counting on a good friend following his two health scares late last week. Insiders close to the rap star tell TMZ that DJ Khaled allowed Rick to use his tour bus to get home to Atlanta. Rick suffered two seizures last Friday while flying. He was hospitalized the second time in Alabama, but was picked up over the weekend by Khaled’s bus and taken to Memphis in time for the Sunday night opening of his Wingstop restaurant. READ MORE

Amber Cole Story

I have to say I have gotten so many calls asking me to say something about this Amber Cole Video but I really wanted to ask yall. Internet went crazy after footage showing Amber Cole, a 14-year-old young school girl giving oral sex was released. What are your Thoughts on everything that has happen. What should happen next!

What make matter’s worst is that the incident took place on school grounds, and all the dude other male friends watched on. I can only feel for the young girl’s family at this point. Tell me what yall think please keep it real!!!!


Click Here Video

Who would’ve known that a New Edition inspired video from Queen Bey would have started all this? Just kidding. On a serious note, Bobby Brown spoke with Hustler magazine and it seems like things are on the up and up for New Edition starting with a reunion. READ MORE