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Jay-Z took to the radio to address the rumors of him and Kanye West getting into a fight and beefing over how much money to spend on Watch The Throne concerts. READ MORE

The NY Post recently reported that the two hip-hop heavyweights, Jay-z and Kanye West, have had differences regarding their recent collaboration, Watch the Throne. The differences stem from the Watch the Throne tour, which will be starting on September 22nd. Kanye wants a huge $400,000 production per show, but Jay, who recieved a larger, long term advance from Live Nation that he has to pay back, is against dropping that kinda dough. One insider told Page Six,

“Jay-Z can’t deal withKanye. Jay is a stone-cold businessmen. He wants to recoup all his money from Live Nation. But Kanye wants to upstage rockstars with a blowout show. He doesn’t care about costs. He has a lot less to gain from the shows.” READ MORE

Miguel Says Stop with the Gay Rumors (Video)

“For anyone who questions my sexuality, the answer is: I love women,”  said R&B swooner Miguel. Since his debut, gossip columnist and fans alike have been questioning whether the singer is straight or gay. Miguel further responded to the rumors saying, READ MORE

Soulja Boy Lies about $55 Million Jet

It was all a farce!! TMZ reports that Soulja Boy’s reported purchase of a 55 million dollar jet was a rumor started by him and his crew. READ MORE

Leader of the pack on Basketball Wives, Shaunie, has much to say about her ex-husband Shaq. In a recent interview with Celebuzz, she told them in so many words, that Shaq doesn’t spend as much time with the kids as she would like especially since he’s retired now. READ MORE

JLo and Diddy Back Together!

Well, well, well, it’s been almost two weeks since Latin superstars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and we have reports of Lopez stepping out already. Rumor has it that Diddy and JLo have hooked back up, rekindling the old love they had back in the 90′s! READ MORE

This morning Beyonce Knowles made a visit to The View. She performed two of her most recent hits Best Thing I Never Had and 1+1. READ MORE

Beyonce To Release A Cookbook?

Today several sources have been swarming with  news that Beyonce is planning to release a cookbook. This comes as surprising news being that the superstar is known for her singing, dancing, and acting. Beyonce did recently open up about how she wants to start a family by the time she’s 40 so I guess she’s planning accordingly. Sources say that she was inspired to author a cookbook because READ MORE