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The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in a gated Florida community by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Feb. 26 has sparked protests around the country. President Obama even weighed in on the case, in which Zimmerman now faces a charge of second-degree murder.


Now George Zimmerman has decided to plead “Not Guilty” in the 2nd degree murder case of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

O’ Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney entered the plea for him in Seminole County during the arraignment. Zimmerman was not present. READ MORE

Chris Brown returned to Dancing With The Stars last night. He performed Turn Up The Music which is his first single off of his upcoming album, “Fortune”. Unlike last year, there was no extra fanfare from critics leading up to the performance. But like last year, Breezy still gave one hell of a show-stopping performance. Chris new album, Fortune, will be out out July 3. Check out the video below…

For those’s who thought flu season was over think again. TV star Tracy Morgan is reportedly recovering from serious flu-like symptoms that sent the comedic-actor to a hospital in Denver over the weekend.


NewsPeopleNeed report Morgan was treated for several hours Saturday for dehydration before he was released from the Colorado facility.


The setback forced the “30 Rock” star to cancel his comedy show in Denver that night.

On Sunday, he was spotted at Denver International Airport using a wheelchair to get around the airport before catching his flight back to New York City. READ MORE

Lil Wayne 50 Cent and Justin Bieber was some of the many people who saw Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Miguel Cotto Saturday night, but the teen pop star did more than just watch.


Justin joined Mayweather in the training room at the MGM Grand arena before the fight.


He also helped the boxer carry two of his championship belts as he escorted Mayweather into the arena, along with 50 Cent and WWE wrestler Triple H. READ MORE

Never in a commercial before, this tweet perfectly captures Nicki’ Minaj’s excitement about the release of the Pepsi commercial which debut as the face of the new campaign, “Live For Now”. The commercial follows a young couple, who’s world freezes as soon as they pop open a Pepsi while a remix of “Moment for Life” plays in the background. See the commercial after the jump!


 Li’l Mo is pregnant! Blackcelebkids reports Mo is 7-months pregnant and was spotted in Washington, DC  for a Maya Angelou Tribute. Lil’ Mo, who is also a radio personality, songwriter and record producer, was recently spotted backstage before her performance at a Maya Angelou Tribute in DC. The performance was part of a gala that Dr. Maya Angelou and Common were hosting on behalf of the See Forever Foundation’s annual fundraiser supporting the Maya Angelou Schools.


Justin Bieber may like to pull pranks and crack jokes, but he says he takes his music very seriously. During an interview with MTV News following the world premiere of his new music video for the single “Boyfriend” Thursday night, the teen pop star made it clear that this isn’t just a game to him. Bieber said he hopes the new clip and his upcoming album “Believe” will help people realize that. One way Justin intends to achieve that goal is by bringing in a little outside help.

He’s working on a handful of songs with Kanye West, who he calls a “really smart guy” who likes to think outside the box. Justin adds that the hip hop star is completely on board when it comes to making songs that people wouldn’t expect Bieber to put out. READ MORE

Bobby Brown is explaining why he left his ex-wife Whitney Houston’s funeral early. The singer told NBC’s “Today” show that security at the church told him he had to sit away from his “entourage,” which turned out only to be his kids. Brown says he didn’t think that was fair.

The singer also talked about his relationship with daughter Bobbi Kristina. READ MORE