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Amber Cole Story

I have to say I have gotten so many calls asking me to say something about this Amber Cole Video but I really wanted to ask yall. Internet went crazy after footage showing Amber Cole, a 14-year-old young school girl giving oral sex was released. What are your Thoughts on everything that has happen. What should happen next!

What make matter’s worst is that the incident took place on school grounds, and all the dude other male friends watched on. I can only feel for the young girl’s family at this point. Tell me what yall think please keep it real!!!!


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Who would’ve known that a New Edition inspired video from Queen Bey would have started all this? Just kidding. On a serious note, Bobby Brown spoke with Hustler magazine and it seems like things are on the up and up for New Edition starting with a reunion. READ MORE

The singer just celebrated his 33rd birthday but that doesn’t mean he’s not able to still have wardrobe malfunctions. The othery day while performing at the Decade of Difference concert Usher ripped his pants and almost gave the crowd an inside look at his good. Check inside for the video. READ MORE

Dr. Dre’s got a thing for electronics and he’s making it known with his newest business venture. The legendary rapper/producer is partnering up with HTC and Verizon to release a smartphone due out in a two weeks. There had been reports that he had sold a majority stake in his Beats Electronics to HTC for $309 million and it turns out that the reports were true! Read more inside to get the inside scoop on Dr. Dre’s upcoming plans for his company Beats Electronic. READ MORE

Ice T And Coco Publish Novels

Forget wearing his and her t-shirts, try his and her books. Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco are the newest celebs to add author to their resumes. Ice-T’s book is titled King of Vices while Coco’s book is titled Angel. While both of the books may have separate authors their story lines are not too far away from each other.  Check inside for more details on the new novels. READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross Has Seizure on Plane

Reports have been made that The Boss Rick Ross is unconscious and paramedics are desperately trying to resuscitate him. Rick was on a flight going from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis today, when the rapper lost consciousness.  The plane was forced to make an emergency landing. READ MORE

Rihanna And Matt Kemp Back Together?


Rihanna is a beast when it comes to these men! Just last week we were speculating if she was dating Dudley O’Shaughnessy, (click here for that story), the British boxer who plays her love interest in her newest video, We Found Love, but those rumors were quickly shot down by O’Shaughnessy (click here for that story). Now this week Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp were spotted in London leaving Stringfellows Nightclub. READ MORE

Actor, author, and now director, Hill Harper is doing big things! Tomorrow those lucky enough to attend the 47th Chicago International Film Festival will get to witness his directorial debut titled The Truth. The short film looks to be interesting as it explores marital infidelity and life lessons. Check inside for an trailer to the upcoming short film. READ MORE