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T.I.’s Buying $5,000 Shoes While He’s Still In Prison

Rapper T.I. will be getting released September 29th and he’s preparing for his return. One way he’s preparing to make a come back is by buying $5,000 shoes. Rapper Young Dro told Allhiphop.com in an interview that,


“Tip was on the phone the other day, and he on his way home. Tip on the phone ordering shoes and s**t. I might email him a catalog from time to time and he sends it right back with the stuff he wants,” Dro said laughing.  “He’s ordering $5,000 shoes on the phone. He’s doing the Internet thing. We shoot him an email and he can see the catalog and we be ordering out the catalog all day. He’s getting handkerchiefs and s**t.”


One lucky New England Patriots fan may soon get to call one of the team’s biggest stars their roommate. The wide receiver wants to live with a fan for the first few weeks of the season. Ochocinco recently joined the Patriots, and thinks living with a fan is a good way to get acclimated to the area. The NFL star says he’s not sure exactly how he’s going to find someone to live with, but notes they will definitely have to have the Internet and an Xbox. When asked by reporters if he’s serious about his plan, Ochocinco responded, quote, “Have I ever lied to you?”

It seems NFL football star Reggie Bush still has it hard for Kim Kardashian who is set to marry Kris Humphries on August 20th. Reggie, who broke up with Kardashian last March (see here), then got back together in November (see here) and once he heard about her new engagement, he had a strong reaction (see here). Life & Style magazine reports that the Miami Dolphin has ” been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voicemails, telling her she’s making a mistake and that he’s the one for her.” The source then added, READ MORE

Stacey Dash Kicked Off of Single Ladies

The rumor mill is saying that the beautiful Stacey Dash has been kicked off of the hit show Single Ladies. I hope that’s it simply a rumor because the show is a favorite of mine as well as several of my female friends. Supposedly, executive producer Queen Latifah had Stacey fired because she had too much attitude. By too much attitude we mean, Stacey beefed with different members of the cast, cancelled promos for the show, and even got into a fight with co-star Lisa Raye. READ MORE

Rock icon Lenny Kravitz will be featured on UPTOWN Magazine’s cover for the 2011 style issue this month. The article includes an intimate interview with Kravitz, as well as Jill Jones, a good friend and fellow musician. From the sneak peaks, I gather that Lenny is an everyday, round-the-way kinda dude. He doesn’t have security and raised his and Lisa Bonet’s child, Zöe, as a single father. He also sings the praises of the late Teena Marie as well, saying,

“She would cook a lot. It was here and Penny Johnson, Rick James’ little sister. They looked after me, fed me. She took me to concerts. She took care of a lot of folks.The big reason why I am here [is] because of this sister. She was for real. She was self-contained, a multi-instrumentalist, a writer, producer.”

He paints an awesome picture of Teena Marie, showing us a side of her that we rarely got to see. He also discusses his childhood as an interracial child in a racialized society.

Check out the pics below: READ MORE

Soulja Boy Removes Face Tattoos


Soulja Boy, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday in Miami, had the tattoos removed from his face. SODMG, 4 Life, the crosses, etc., have been taken off.

He tweeted the drastic move yesterday:

Why do you think he’s dropping the tats?  He may be trying to get a corporate job?



Tommy Ford’s new show Don’t Be Stupid, taped in Downtown Atlanta’s Mingles, was hosted by Ms. Sophia. This week’s topic dealt with sexuality and sexual orientation, and questions included: who knows women better, a straight man or a homosexual man and can a homosexual men and straight men be friends?

It was a packed house with a great panel that Ms. Sophia served on as well. Guests included comedians Bruce Bruce and Rodney Perry, as well as the 5th accuser of Bishop Eddie Long in that sex scandal a few months ago, Centino Kemp. A talent show also took place that had the winner take home money collected at the door!.Actors Keisha Knight-Pullman and Mel Jackson were in the building as well and expressed their opinions towards the end of the show.

While the topic was interesting, if not controversial, discussing stereotypes, friendships and attitudes between heterosexuals and homosexuals, the highlight of the evening was Centino Kemp’s performance of his song, “P*rnography.” (If you don’t know Centino, check him out here.) READ MORE

Jay-Z took to the radio to address the rumors of him and Kanye West getting into a fight and beefing over how much money to spend on Watch The Throne concerts. READ MORE