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Rihanna Arrives Late to a Northern Ireland Show

Rihanna clearly pissed off some of her fans the other night when she arrived 90 MINUTES LATE!  When she finally found her way on stage, fans booed her! Rihanna tried to make it up to them through a good show and even tweeted afterwards, “Belfast sorry for being so late 2nt! Big Show! First Night! Things don’t always run smoothly or as planned, but I dearly appreciate ur patience.”  READ MORE

While some NBA ballers are focusing on other ventures during the lockout such as playing oversees, Celtics Baller Delonte West is not missing out on money and can be found working at his local furniture store. In a tweet the Boston Celtic baller said that he had a new job working at the furniture store. . . . Is the NBA lockout really this bad? READ MORE

Amber Rose Would Kick Kanye West While He Was Down!

Amber Rose is ride or die for her man (husband?) Wiz Khalifa! She made that plain and clear in a recent interview on Hot 97. The interviewer asked her several questions surrounding Kanye and for the most part she kept things clean and cool. However, when he asked her about what she thought would happen if a fight were to take place between Kanye and Wiz, Amber’s true colors came out! READ MORE

Wyclef Jean let the world know that he’s sorry for everything that he did to her. In a recent interview with Our World With Black Enterprise the musician came forward and issued an apology to Lauryn Hill as well as Pras Michael. Rumor has it that it’s Wyclef and Lauryn’s “relationship” that broke up their popular group, the Fugees. Check the interview inside. READ MORE

J. Cole May Have A Mystery Woman

Does J. Cole have a boo we don’t know about? The rapper tweeted a picture of a female’s hand that had what looks to be her index finger tatted with the saying “Cole World”. Interestingly enough, along with the picture that rapper tweeted “So I know it’s real”. Is he talking about he knows that his fans are serious about him or the love he may have with some chick? READ MORE

Big Sean Illegally Downloaded J.Cole’s Album?

Detroit rapper, Big Sean  admits to illegally downloading J. Cole’s album Cole World. Unfortunately,  J. Cole’s album was leaked on the internet before it hit stores. However, he did clarify that he did buy the album once it hit stores.   In an interview with Rap-Up tv, Big Sean gives his opinion on J. Cole’s album. READ MORE

Karrine Stefans AKA Superhead Gets Married?


It is being reported that Karrine Stefans could possibly be eloping with some unidentified gentleman this weekend. She is currently still married to Darius McCrary aka Eddie Winslow from Family Matters, so there may not be any truth to this. She was seen commenting about the upcoming nuptials on her Facebook page along with mentioning the fact that she wants more children because she is getting older. READ MORE

Is Bow Wow A Good Father?


Rapper Bow Wow, who is currently working on his upcoming Young Money debut album UnderRated has been forced to grow up rather quickly.When the first rumors hit the net about Bow Wow having a daughter, he tried his best to avoid all of these rumors because he was afraid of what his fans would think. However, his most recent letter on his blog shows that he feels otherwise now. READ MORE