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Beyonce To Release A Cookbook?

Today several sources have been swarming with  news that Beyonce is planning to release a cookbook. This comes as surprising news being that the superstar is known for her singing, dancing, and acting. Beyonce did recently open up about how she wants to start a family by the time she’s 40 so I guess she’s planning accordingly. Sources say that she was inspired to author a cookbook because READ MORE

BET Cancels Mo’Nique’s Talk Show

Word on the street is that BET just cancelled The Mo’nique Show. The highly successful show, hosted by Monica Imes AKA Mo’Nique, would have started its third season this fall. The break reportedly stems from personality disputes between Mo’Nique and some of her higher ups. READ MORE

Word on the street is that working for Ms. Lauryn Hill doesn’t pay. Professional guitarist Jay Gore is suing the songstress, and recent mother of 6, for $3,590 for a few weeks of work back in 2007.  We have our own sources that say they haven’t been paid after performing with Ms. Hill. Be sure to get the money upfront next time as Lauryn doesn’t pay ANY of her band members!

Raz-B Writes Tell All Book

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Look like former B2K band member still has more to say! According to his Twitter posts, De’Mario Monte Thornton a.k.a. Raz-B has plans to write a book dishing the dirt on the music industry.

Seems dude is still salty a year after claiming Marques Houston and Chris Stokes sexual abused him while he was singing with the R&B boy band B2K as a teenager. READ MORE

Just two weeks ago, it was announced that Rihanna had gained more fans on Facebook than pop songstress Lady Gaga, but it seems the whole thing may have been a farce. ViralMS, a viral marketing and social media agency, reported to ballerstatus.com that one day prior to RiRi overtaking Gaga, their “Buy Facebook Fans” service had been purchased for RiRi’s official Facebook page. READ MORE

Kelly Rowland Opening On Chris Brown’s Tour

It appears as if Chris Brown won’t have a hard time finding “motivation” when he hits the road on his next tour. According to SingersRoom.com, the speculation is that Kelly Rowland will serve as an opening act on Chris’ upcoming trek. The R&B superstar announced the tour on his Twitter page over the weekend, promising he would be sure to keep it “affordable for everybody.” Chris went on to say that he didn’t want to reveal too many details yet because he doesn’t “wanna count my eggs before they hatch.”

If Kelly Rowland does hit the road with Chris Brown she will be touring in support of her new album “Here I Am.” The record, which features the hit single “Motivation,” arrives in stores on Tuesday.

I hate when Bloggers cut my name off my pic’s… Stop hating and go take yo own damn pictures!!!!

Chris Brown Says He’s Being Set Up By Neighbor

Chris Brown says one of his neighbors at his West Hollywood condo is out to get him. The pop superstar sent out several tweets on Thursday claiming someone in his building carved his initials into an elevator to make him look like a “reckless” 22-year-old. It was reported earlier this week that some of Chris’ neighbors don’t like living by him because he parks in handicapped spots, plays loud music all the time, and has dogs running up and down the hallways.

Chris says the parking spaces were assigned to him when he purchased the condo, adding that they have been painted over with “handicap and no parking signs.” The singer goes on to say that he’s hardly ever home, so “these stories and accusations are so childish.”
Chris’ attorney, Mark Geragos, recently told TMZ.com that Chris is in litigation over the parking spots, and will be fighting the tickets he received by parking there.

There are false crazy rumors hitting the internet that Monica’s husband, Shannon Brown, has been caught in bed with Draya. Draya is the ex-girlfriend of a few of your favorite people like Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kenyon Martin, and the list continues. The rumor comes from a photo that is floating around that makes it look as if Draya and Shannon are in bed together. Of course this is not true! READ MORE