Is Lisa Nicole Cloud the New Rich B*#% on Married To Medicine Season 2 #Trailer

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Lisa Nicole Cloud wife of Dr Darren Naugles (Married to Medicine Season 2)

Lisa Nicole Cloud wife of Dr Darren Naugles (Married to Medicine Season 2)

I got the news about the newest cast member on Married to Medicine! Looks like the Women of Married to Medicine will be dishing out more than prescriptions from their husbands! Dr. Jackie gonna be doing more than delivering babies this season. The ladies are back and fiesty than ever. There’s all kinds of things from restraining orders, Doggie Fashion Shows, and these ladies are showing us how the RICH & Educated do it. Now introducing the lovely, very RICH, Un-pushable, and highly intelligent Ms. Lisa Nicole Cloud the Millionaire Maker!


Check out the details below.

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Financial Trouble: Sean Kingston Gets Bentley Repo’d At Mondrian West Hollywood

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Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.08.14 AM (1)

Back in 2009, it was rumored had his G5 repo’d. And then last night he lost his Bentley IN FRONT OF THE MONDRIAN HOTEL. Oh the shame…

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Arrest Warrant Issued For Columbus Short, AKA Harrison

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Uh oh there’s a gladiator in trouble. Harrison aka Columbus Short is now a wanted man. Details below.

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Rumor Control: ATL Blogger Spreads FALSE Rumors About @Ludacris’s Child Support Scoop!

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ludacris-some-type -of-way-freddy-o

It seems an overzealous photographer-turned-blogger has gotten the Ludacris child support case all wrong. Find out the truth as we know it below.

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Kelly Rowland Denies Being Dropped Says She’s Working On New Music W/ New Label Offers!

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For all who were whispering about Kelly Rowland getting dropped, the diva has crafted a impenetrable spin that officially shuts down the talk.

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Luda’s Main Girl Eudoxie Posts Joyous Pic Of Love, Handles The Haters w/ Equal Emotion!

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Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.06.30 AM

Ludacris fans should know now to not approach his longtime on and off girlfriend Eudoxie about Tamika Fuller OR the new baby in their life.

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All Hands On Deck: Whitney Houston Bestie, Takes Concern For Bobbi Kristina Public In New Interview!

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A friend of the Houston Family, and Gospel star Kim Burrell confirms what many of us already suspected of young Bobbi Kristina. It seems things are spiraling out of control rather quickly.

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Beyonce Blind Item!

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Did the Queen Bey really use her V-Card to work her way through the business? If you believe in the tawdry gossip. Read below.

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Babby Daddy Drama: Was Ludacris Ordered To Pay 100k A Year Child Support?

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Though Ludacris may have tried to spin it in the courts like he’s financially strapped, it seems there’s a victory for Tamika Fuller.

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