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T.I. Charters Bus For Inmate’s Family Members

While behind bars, my homie TI manages to exude the giving person that he has always been. He made the dreams of 14 inmates dreams come true. T.I. sponsored a bus trip for 46 family members to visit 14 inmates serving time alongside him at the Forrest City Correctional Facility in Forrest City, Arkansas.

“I’ve been blessed to receive tons and tons of mail from my fans, family and friends, as well as get visits on a regular basis. Unfortunately some guys aren’t as fortunate,” T.I. told MTV News in a statement. “There are a lot of good dudes in here that haven’t been able to see there loved ones in years. Their families can’t afford the trip so I wanted to help out.”


Former Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn is saying that cops pulled him over and told him he had the characteristics of someone “transporting drugs and guns”. Dunn who had tinted windows on his car, insists that he was racially profiled, and feels “violated”. TMZ reports:

During the stop, Dunn — who is black — says 4 white officers targeted him with “a lot of personal questions” and told him “I had the characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns.”

Troubled rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch continues to add more negative light to his present situation as the Baton Rouge native was charged by Louisiana police officials along with two fellow inmates for attempting to smuggle ingredients to make codeine syrup inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary as reported by CBS affiliate news channel WAFB 9 earlier today.

Check out video of the crime caught: READ MORE

Since arriving on the scene in 2009, socialite Sheneka Adam’s has enjoyed major successes and minor setbacks. From winning the 2011 KING Magazine “Web Girl of the Year” Award to unauthorized releases of sex tapes, there is no doubt that Sheneka has not only increased her popularity, but stirred up her share of controversy. In efforts to address recent allegations, Sheneka is submitting a statement to clear recent rumors circulating online and give some insight about her upcoming projects.

Sheneka states,

“Regarding the recent allegations connecting me to Backpage.com posted by Mediatakeout.com, it should be noted that I have never had any affiliation with the website or anyone representing the site. In addition, last week I regretfully addressed a sex tape which a former acquaintance released virally. While I do regret the tape was made public, please believe that the tape was of a private nature shared between myself and someone I was in a romantic relationship with at the time. It was sad, hurtful and upsetting to not only me, but to my family, that someone would take something so private and publish without my consent.”

She continues,

“I am sure it is safe to say that when growing up, most people have made dumb and even questionable decisions…however, as we get older, we learn from our bad decisions. I have… and now I am ready to move on with my life and plans.”


Gucci Mane Gets Out Of Jail In 45 Days

According to my homegirl Mz. Shyneka of Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, she has released statements that the homie Gucci Mane will be out of jail by the end of June. Which is 15 months earlier than we expected. Gucci, who’s real name is Radric Davis, appeared in a Fulton County jail Monday afternoon and in less than an hour, he got the best news of his life. READ MORE

The manager of some of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest stars is wanted by the law. According to the “New York Post,” an arrest warrant has been issued for Czar Entertainment’s head man, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond. The warrant was issued last week after Rosemond was indicted for allegedly being involved with cocaine distribution. Rosemond has not yet been located.

Hip-Hop Artist Cassidy Arrested In Hackensack

City police arrested a hip-hop artist Saturday who is wanted in Philadelphia, authorities said. The Philadelphia Police warrant squad called the Hackensack Police Department on Saturday morning to tell officers there was an open warrant for Hackensack resident Barry Reese, also known as the rapper Cassidy, Hackensack police Lt. Timothy Lloyd said.

The warrant was for violating probation, but Reese is also a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders in Philadelphia, Lloyd said.

Philadelphia police knew from a prior investigation that the rapper lived in Hackensack, Lloyd said.
Philadelphia police told their Hackensack counterparts “to consider this person armed and dangerous,” and this was a “high-risk warrant,” Lloyd said. READ MORE

T.I. Is Coming Home

Looks like the homie T.I. will be released from prison later this year. Sources say officials have released the date of September 29, 2011 as his release. While some say this is earlier than expected, the rapper was only sentenced to 11 months at the Arkansas Federal Correctional Institution, after turning himself in last year on November 1.