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When you think of Lamar Odom the only things that come to mind are LA Lakers and being the Husband to hit reality star Khloe Kardashian. Months ago the happily married couple revealed they were coming gout with their own reality show Call “Klomar”. When I initailly got wind of that I thought nothing of it except it being a spin off from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Recently it was revealed that some heartfel substance would be aired on the show involving Lamar and his past and how he dealt with continuous issues of his father being an addict majority of his life.

Lamar States:

“Our relationship is completely different from the normal father/son relationship. My father’s a heroin addict. I was six-years-old when my parents split up. I grew up with my mother and my grandmother. We lived in Queens in a rough neighborhood. I had my mother around until I was 12-years-old, she passed away. After that my father wasn’t around.



Last night the FreddyO brand had the opportunity to cover the exclusive listening party for the newly release of Cuttuh’s latest song, which features R&B legend RL from the group “Next”. This wasn’t the first time I had the pleasure of meeting the promising new artist, we had a chance to formerly meet on the set for the video of his latest song entitled “Don’t Wanna Let You Go”. I just wanna say that when I was introduced to him I immediately recognized that “It Factor” in Cuttuh. He has a positive ora about himself that automatically draws people to him and intrigue and interest that leave individuals in amazement.


Even though Cuttuh is considered a new artist, he has been in the industry for years, during the listening/viewing party he revealed to his fans that he is and will always be forever humble because his journey threw his many obstacles that tested his will of faith. This brother has an amazing story and I challenge everyone to get to know this young man, just by simply listening to his vivid songs.


Cuttuh is currently working on of his EP while being managed by BossType and MeanStreets ENT, a progressively thriving music management company founded two years ago by brothers Marcellus Scott and Lamar Brown. This companies sole objective is to nourish their artist the proper way through hard work and sole dedication of craft. Because of the respectable integrity, BossType ENT obtains, Cuttuh has has the opportunity to collaborate with some of the industries major hit making artist such as the likes of Gloriea Velez Dylan formerly of Making Da Band, Verse Simmonds, America’s favorite fast rapper Twista and now RL.


Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 4.26.21 PM

Recently, Debra, who has been with the network for 26 years, spoke with FOX Business Network’s Gerri Willis and revealed that BET has made long strides in improving and getting more strict about what they allow to air. The shift in programming has caused them to deny videos from major money-making artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, and Ciara

On the Criticism of Degrading Women

“I think the criticism has gone away. The first thing I did, which was in the works anyway, was to create more original programming that shows different images of women. So our sitcoms have started doing that. We’ve got more documentaries. We’re going to get into the drama business. We’ve cut back on the amount of music videos, that’s how we grew up but now we’re in a position where we can do other kinds programming.”

On Becoming More Selective With Programming

“We’ve gotten more strict on what we allow on air. We used to live by broadcast standards, but as the hip hop industry got a little more risqué we had actually had to bring that back some and say just because it can be on the air doesn’t mean it has to be on the air.”



We already know that the “I am Music” Tour is said to be the hottest and most profitable tours of 2011. Each night something new is revealed about the shows platform especially from my girl Ms. Minaj. Recently Wayne ann Nicki traveled to Orlando, Florida to perform and Nicki Minaj thought she’d get a little crowd participation, asking the audience to take a poll as to whether she should give a lapdance to one of her Ken Barbz or one of her Barbie fans.

You know us nasty americans are gonna go for the most dramatic performance, so hands down the female won and she got the pleasure of have Nicki’s body gyrate all over her. LOL READ MORE


A new album from pop megastar Beyonce is apparently not far off. Australia’s “Daily Telegraph” says the singer will be dropping her next record sometime in late June. Details are sparse, but one Sony Music executive expects another big hit. Beyonce played six new tracks for label bosses at a New York meeting and one — Australian head Denis Handlin — called the music “just amazing” and “groundbreaking.” He also says Beyonce wants to follow the release with a big tour.

A couple of months ago we revealed that Beyonce is releasing a bedding line. We gave you a preview of the sheets and pillow covers, and now they just released new images of the bedding line and video.

Click Here To See All The Pic’s READ MORE


Naked mom-to-be Mariah Carey channels her inner Demi Moore by strategically covering her private parts for the latest cover of Life & Style magazine.

“I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Carey tells the publication. “My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans.”



Radio heroine turned talk show diva Wendy Williams is covering the upcoming May 2011 issue of ESSENCE magaizine…with double covers! It’s their first ever “Gilfriends issue,” and who better to be the face than the chick most of us have been “friends in our head” with for years.

We’ve got Wendy’s double covers–shot by photographer Derek Blanks


Maybe the cross-country traveling and being a mom to a pre-teen boy and a wife and shooting 2 shows at once was a bit much for Mrs. Wendy. She was voted off “DWTS” last night. But she says she’s extremely proud to have done it–despite being bogged down with being every woman at the same time. READ MORE

2008 American Music Awards Show

Kanye West is being recognized for his presence online. The nominees for the first-ever MTV O Music Awards were announced on Tuesday, with Kanye earning nods in several different categories. The “All of the Lights” rapper picked up all five nominations in the Best Tweet category, while also earning nods for Must Follow Artist on Twitter, Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr, and Radiohead. Fellow rap superstar 50 Cent is also up for several awards. READ MORE