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Check out the history: “We’ve tended to be a little uncomfortable talking about George Washington and slavery,” historian Erica Armstrong Dunbar told InsideEdition.com. At the time of the founding father’s death in 1799, “there were nearly 300 enslaved people living at Mount Vernon,” she said. One formerly enslaved person who didn’t live there was Ona Judge. Judge escaped captivity in 1796. Until nearly the end of his life, Washington tried to recapture her.

Praying for my OLG family …Three people have been wounded in a Valentine’s Day shooting at a restaurant owned by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss.

East Point police tell news outlets that a man entered the Old Lady Gang restaurant just outside Atlanta on Friday night and targeted another man. Two bystanders were also wounded. READ MORE

Megan Thee Stallion Explains Hanging With Male Celebs and Not Smashing Them megan the stallion addresses boyfriend rumors

R Kelly facing two federal indictments


Singer R Kelly’s long legal investigation is finally wrapping up. Sources say Kelly may face two indictments for his alleged crimes. Sex Trafficking & tax invasion. READ MORE

R Kelly’s legal hotline is blinging

R Kelly is going through overwhelming legal troubles over sexual misconduct. In fact, a hotline was set-up for victims to report R Kelly’s sexual crimes. Sources say, that R Kelly’s hotline is blinging.


Wendy Williams Hires new manager Bernie Young

Wendy Williams hires Bernie Young as her new manager. Kevin Hunter her previous manager was fired. Its rumored Wendy hired extra security to protect herself from Hunter as well.