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Ne-Yo Has A New Comic Book Coming Soon “Libra Scale”

Comic Book

Ne-Yo is collaborating with someone outside of the music industry for his upcoming “Libra Scale” album. Billboard.com reports the vocalist is partnering up with former Marvel Comics president Stan Lee to create a comic book. The two appeared together at last Saturday’s Comic-Con in New York to talk about their new joint venture. The 87-year-old comic book impresario joked about giving the R&B vocalist “pointers on his rapping.” Lee says he and Ne-Yo have “big plans” to merge music, comics, and super heroes in the future. READ MORE


For the longest time I have been hearing really bad stories from people who have met one of my favorite singers Lauryn Hill. I have been told everything from she wants to take control over everything. Too its her way or no way, and  she doesn’t want people to talk to her or look at her as she walks to her dressing room before a concert. They also say everything has to be in the room how she asked, or she wont go on stage. But maybe being gone for so long has re-humbled her and made her a much sweeter person. So after reading this post on Necolebitchie I was very happy to read that Lauryn has a heart, and isn’t such a A$$ hole like everyone try’s to say she is. Here is what one of her readers wrote:

After a long day at six flags in New Jersey, my friends and I decided to go on one last ride—some baby ride. We spot someone that looked like Lauryn while in line and we concluded that this woman had to be her long lost twin sister because there was no way this was her. She was with her daughter, and at one point she yelled to her nanny to get something and we knew it was her—how could you not recognize that voice. Just that morning my friends and I had been talking about how nice a comeback from Lauryn Hill would be so we were utterly shocked to see her. READ MORE


Christina and Friend Not Mother, Mom Pictured Below

Christina Milian had a lot of help at home when it came time to lose her baby weight. In a recent interview she said that her mother played a big role in peeling off the 45 pounds she gained while pregnant. Milian explains, quote,

“She cooked me a lot of raw vegetables and raw salads and proteins — and it worked! I also drank a lot of water.”

Milian adds, quote, “I have a very supportive family, so between my mother and my sisters, they are helpful.” Christina Milian and The-Dream welcomed their daughter, Violet, into the world back in February. The couple — who tied the knot in September 2009 — announced in July that they had been separated since late last year.Christina Milian Credits Mother For Loss Of Baby Weight.

Here are some pics of Christina baby Violet, and her lovely mama as they went to lunch at Cafe Med in LA.

Chris Brown Discusses Why Usher Tour Never Happened


Usher and Chris Brown had music fans everywhere in a tizzy earlier this year when it was reported that the two were planning to hit the road together. Brown recently stopped by Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show and explained that their business ties prevented the tour from taking place. He states, quote, “We kinda had different views on the tour – no beef. READ MORE

72,000 Stimulus Payments Went To Dead People

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(10/7/2010)  Reports say more than 89,000 stimulus payments of $250 each went to people who were either dead or in prison, a government investigator says in a new report. The payments, which were part of last year’s massive economic recovery package, were meant to increase consumer spending to help stimulate the economy. But about $18 million went to nearly 72,000 people who were dead, according to the report by the Social Security Administration’s inspector general. READ MORE

Most Sexually Satisfied U.S. Cities

(10/6/10) Are you living in a city that is sexually satisfying?  Well, I am not going to comment on the city in which I reside. Anyhow, a new survey from Men’s Health magazine released a new list this week of “sexually satisfied” cities, as well as those who didn’t make the cut. The study looked at a number of statistical factors to arrive at these admittedly arbitrary distinctions — birth rates (I guess under the assumption that those cities with higher birth rates have a higher rate of sexual activity as well), sales of sex toys and condoms, and rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs for the slow ones). One could argue with these choices. READ MORE

Angry Man Shoot Teen In The AS$ Over Sagging Pants


The AJC is reporting that a 45-year-old Memphis man angry over two teens’ sagging pants shot one in the buttocks during an argument. The man now faces aggravated assault charges. All this over some A$$. People I understand that you might not want to see someone else ass but if it has nothing to do wit you mind yo business. You don’t have to pull out a gun and almost kill someone for sagging pants.


Police Sgt. Ron Perry said the teens refused and the three began arguing in the street. Bonds then brandished a semi-automatic pistol and threatened to shoot the teens.

Perry said Bonds fired several shots and hit one of the teens as the pair ran away. The teen’s wound wasn’t critical. The other wasn’t injured in the Sept. 25 shooting first reported by The Commercial Appeal in Memphis.


(10/5/2010) Usher is still feeling a certain way about his mother not attending his wedding in 2007, although they are now back on good terms. The 32-year-old tells October/November Vibe magazine he was “very disappointed” that his mother decided not to watch him exchange vows. Many people are going to chime in and feel a certain way about this. Some say it was just mothers’ intuition…when looking at the final outcome. She was just trying to save her son from what she thought was a terrible decision. Others feel as a mother she should have supported him no matter what. I don’t know. What do you think?

In January 2007, he proposed to his then stylist girlfriend Tameka Foster. She has a son from when she was a teenager, as well as two sons with Atlanta clothier Ryan Glover. In February 2007, Usher announced their engagement. READ MORE