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50 Cent Ditches Tattoos For Acting


50 Cent is losing his ink. 50 has decided to get rid of all his tattoos in an effort to help his career in film. He explains to “People” magazine, quote, “It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up.” Fif says READ MORE


The homie Brandy, a frequent target of Internet haters, is pleading with the bloggers to have more respect for her feelings – particularly when commenting about her 2006 car accident that led to the death of motorist Awatef Aboudihaj. This is what she said:

“Sometimes we don’t read the comments because of what we’ve seen people say in the past about us,” Brandy wrote on her blog. “Okay, you don’t like my shoes, you don’t like my outfit, cool, but the rest of it, like bringing up the car accident?” READ MORE


Bossip.com is reporting that  T.I. is making moves since his release from prison, the rapper is already making bold statements in relation to his upcoming album, King Uncaged. Referencing his time behind bars, T.I.P. is comparing his next project to All Eyez On Me and how Tupac Shakur was after he was released from prison. READ MORE

B.o.B. Surprised With “Nothin On You’s” Success


Rising rap star B.o.B. has produced one of the year’s biggest hits with his debut single “Nothin’ On You.” Let me tell yall, me and him go way back to when he was in high school and was trying to get on. He would come up to V-103 every day and would call me to try to get his record played and look at him now. In an interview he says he’s as surprised as anyone that the track has done as well as it has. He tells MTV News, quote,

“We really didn’t expect it to have the dramatic impact it had, nor how fast it happened.” He adds, quote, “Me and my managers, B. Rich and TJ, we still look at each other speechless. We always aim to be successful. But when the byproduct exceeds your expectations – when usually you barely make the basket with what you want – the gratitude is through the roof. It’s literally a dream come true.”

B.o.B’s “Nothin’ On You” – which recently went platinum – will be included on his debut album “B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray.” The record is expected in stores on April 27th. Here is the video  “Nothin On You’s”


Eminem will be dropping new music this summer. On Wednesday, the Detroit native announced that he will be releasing his next album, “Recovery,” on June 22nd. Em released a statement on his website that reads, quote, “I had originally planned for ‘Relapse Two’ to come out last year. READ MORE

The-Dream Say’s He Made R&B “Cool Again”


R&B singer The-Dream has made a big contribution to the music world, or at least he thinks so. In a recent interview with BET.com, the “Rockin That Thang” singer says he’s personally rejuvenated R&B. He states, quote,

“I’m at my peak as far as what The-Dream the artist is as an R&B artist. Yeah, because in some particular type of way I’ve changed the sound or made it…I made R&B somewhat cool again.” READ MORE

Lady Gaga Tells Fans: ‘Don’t Have Sex’


Gaga, has shocked even herself with her latest message to embrace abstinence. Furthermore, she is urging fans to do the same, reports MTV.com.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this – don’t have sex,” Gaga said in England, where she is promoting MAC’s Viva Glam Campaign to fight AIDS. “It’s okay not to have sex, it’s okay to get to know people,” she says. “I’m celibate, celibacy’s fine.” READ MORE



Fruitman is one of the newest emcees in the rap game, and is bringing a refreshing sound to the industry. Throughout the many interviews Freddyo.com has done in the past, I must say it’s always good to find someone that is making change.

Respect is one thing I give Fruitman due to his appreciation of hip-hop culture, music in its entirety, and his passion for wanting to produce quality music. Recently releasing his mixtape called “The Point 5”, Fruitman stops by with Freddyo.com to explain the freshness of his music and staying above the rap game.

Freddyo.com: How did you get the name the Fruitman?

Fruitman: That name basically came from my reputation in the streets of Atlanta and Columbus. You know, that’s what they call me in the streets…(chuckles)

Freddyo.com: So who inspired you as far as musicians and rappers?

Fruitman: I mean, really, I didn’t have any direct inspiration. In a way, it just basically came from listening to artists just talk about glory and no losses. And that is not an accurate depiction of what goes on in these streets. In my music, I try to tell my story of the streets, with all the losses and the glory. You see, people get in the booth and rap about other peoples’ lives.  So I guess I was inspired by…not only all types of music, like gospel, Jay z, Rock…but also those studio gangstas who just rap about what they see, you feel me? Got to give you my story… READ MORE