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Hey checkout a clip of my homegirl of Marsha Ambrosius as she speaks very candid about her sexuality and reveals her sexual preference. She tells us about weight loss process and how it changed her life..

Real dope, Marsha is currently on tour promoting her solo debut album released on March 1, 2011 entitled ” Late Nights & Early Mornings. READ MORE

Kelly Rowland Has A “Bootylicious” Alleged Sex Tape


Just so yall know, its rumored that that my girl Kelly Rowland is the next celeb to join the sex tape scandals. This news came as a shock to me because I always looked at her as the sweet and innocent little Kelly from around the way. But like they say every good girl got a freaky side … READ MORE

Teyana Taylor Is A Suspect In Beatdown Case


Well we know Teyana ain’t 16 anymore but apparently she isn’t sweet either. Former Sweet 16 star turned household name Teyana Taylor is being named as a suspect in a beat down against another unknown female. READ MORE

Katt Williams Just Can’t Get Right


Mr. Mini Pimp Katt Williams just can’t keep his mouth shut. I mean really who hasn’t this dude been in an argument with? Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence and now some random guy in Beverly Hills. READ MORE

Flavor Flav To Open Second Chicken Spot

Now I know it was just reported that checks were bouncing like basketballs for Flav’s Iowa employees. However, this isn’t stopping him from going through with opening a second location in Vegas. This could be a good look for the retired rapper/hype man/reality star/CEO. READ MORE

Toni Braxton Considers Playboy To Payoff Bankruptcy !


Is Toni Braxton considering taking 100,000 to do playboy because of her two bankruptcies? Grammy-winning singer Toni Braxton may be making her comeback with more than her music and the launch of her new reality TV show, “Braxton Family Values” To most celebs making millions, 100, 000 is pocket change, but to twice bankrupt Toni Braxton this could be a come up. We recently learned that Toni Braxton was considering taking an offer to do Playboy but had drawbacks due to her two sons Denim and Diesel.

“I was really flattered, and they’ve asked me a few times in the past. But one of the reasons I’m excited is because after I was sick I just didn’t feel sexy, I thought I lost my mojo, ” Braxton told Wendy Williams on “The Wendy Williams Show” today. “When they asked me I was like, ‘They think I’m sexy? My boobies hang down to here a little bit.’ I was really flattered.”

So is she going to do it?

“You know, I haven’t decided. I have until June,” she said. “One of the reasons I’m hesitant is because of my boys. I don’t want them to go to school and have their friends to come to school and say, “I saw your mommy’s boobies.”

Williams had an opinion about this of course – “Don’t do it, she said. “And I’m going to tell you…” READ MORE


It’s no secret that Oprah rules the world. So you kinda expect that she would go out with a bang when she decided to end her talk show. The final episode scheduled to air May 25, 2011 will be one for the books. It’s reported that a 30 second slot on Oprah’s finale show will cost 1 million dollars. What yall think, is it worth it to by a slot?

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J Hud told us a month ago that her son is a little Michael Jackson and now we get to see it for ourselves. Watch this video clip of Jennifer Hudson as she performs in Barbados. He is truly a heartthrob in the making.
Lil Daniel breaks out into harmony and his signature dance moves.

Video Below: READ MORE