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Pauly D signing to G-Unit Records might be a Shore Thing!! It is reported that a 3 album deal with G -Unit is on the table for Pauly D of MTV’s the Jersey Shore.  The two met while Pauly was in New York last week for the screening of 50’s film Things Fall Apart to discuss the deal. In addition to music, 50 is interested in working with Pauly on a merchandise line, specifically a Pauly D-brand headphone. (He is a DJ guess that makes sense) The deal is said to be inked before the Jersey Shore cast takes off to film season 4 in Italy. READ MORE

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After returning to Lynwood Correctional Facility on Friday for a five-hour stay before posting bail, Lindsay Lohan has now come to the conclusion that she is being punished simply because she’s a celebrity.

“She is being treated differently from everyone else because she is famous,” a source close to Lindsay tells me. “We were all in shock when she was forced to return to jail just to make an example out of her. It’s not right. Especially when she is working so hard to live a healthy life.”



Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer on the planet. Known for his lightning-quick ring speed and larger than life antics, Floyd is the cash cow of the boxing world. Money Mayweather loves money. It’s as simple as that. Mayweather’s name has become synonymous with making and spending money. READ MORE

Antoine Dodson Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Antoine Dodson always preaches “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife!” — but he should be preaching “Hide ya pot!” … because he was busted early this morning for marijuana possession. Around 2:30AM Saturday morning, Kevin Antoine Dodson was arrested for possession of marijuana in Huntsville, Alabama. ‘Toine had gone back home after all his Hollywood hopping, and ended up catching a second degree misdemeanor charge! He was released soon after. READ MORE

Murder Inc Reunion: Ja Rule, Ashanti, & Lloyd {Video}


It’s Murder! The Murder Inc. camp, including Lloyd, Ashanti, and Ja Rule, reunited onstage at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Friday night (April 22) during Lloyd’s opening set on Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home” tour. The love was palpable as Lloyd brought Ashanti to the stage to duet on their 2004 collaboration “Southside” before the R&B princess joined Ja Rule on their No. 1 smash “Always on Time.” Rule, who will start serving a two-year jail sentence in June, also debuted his new single “Real Life Fantasy.”


Checkout the classic performance of the trio: READ MORE

Britney Spears_and_Nicki Minaj

The remix for Britney Spears’ song “Til The World Ends” has enough star power to dwarf our own sun. Spears teams with Nicki Minaj and the song’s original writer, Ke$ha, for a hip hop-infused dance anthem that puts enough of a spin on the original version to make it worth a spin on its own. Minaj drops a set of rap lyrics in the opener, while Ke$ha gets in on the iconic chorus. READ MORE

Jennifer Hudson Says “NO” To Playboy

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Jennifer Hudson was asked if she’d ever pose for Playboy now that she’s slimmed down. Her answer:

“That’s just not me.”

The singer dropped 80 pounds within months of giving birth to her son David Jr. in 2009. She decided to lose weight and get healthy after feeling ashamed when friends didn’t notice she was pregnant with the baby.

Screen shot 2011-04-23 at 10.35.25 AM

She tells Britain’s Daily Mirror: READ MORE

Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Spend 120 days in Jail

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Sad news for all my TPT fans Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a Los Angeles judge on Friday to spend 120 days in jail for violating her probation in a pending case in which she is accused of stealing a necklace from a jewelry store, the Los Angeles Times reported. The actress was led out of the courtroom to be taken to jail to begin serving the time. Her attorney immediately filed an appeal, which could gain her release within hours. Lohan is on probation stemming from her past drunk driving convictions. She spent 14 days in jail last year after an earlier probation violation.
Earlier, the same judge reduced the charge against Lohan in the theft case.


Following a preliminary hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that the offense, combined with the actress’ record, did not merit a felony charge and reduced the case to a misdemeanor. Lohan now faces no more than a year in jail if found guilty in a trial set to start as early as June 3. Sautner rejected the request of Lohan’s lawyer to dismiss the case entirely saying that the preliminary evidence indicated intent and ‘brazenness.’ Sofia Kaman, owner of the store where Lohan is alleged to have walked off with a 2,500-dollar necklace on January 22, testified that she never gave Lohan permission to take it and that she had never loaned jewelry to any clients before.

She told the court that Lohan wore the necklace in the store for about 20 minutes before leaving. Kaman said she reported the theft a day later after reviewing footage from security cameras.
In earlier testimony, a store employee testified that four days before the alleged theft she stopped Lohan as she tried to leave the shop wearing a diamond earring that she had tried on. Lohan removed the earring and apologized, she said.