Will The Queen Bee Mariah Huq Be Buzzed Off Her Throne By Newbies Lisa Cloud and Dr Heavenly?

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lisa-leggsHow do the ladies of Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine really feel about the Queen Bee Mariah? Lisa Nicole Cloud “She thinks she’s the Queen Bee, better than Quad and all of this.” “She’s always traveling with an entourage,wants to be the”comments Lisa Cloud. “You don’t need your momma, yo sister and four more other black people,” comments Dr. Heavenly Kimes. I see lots of shad coming from the #NewKidsOnTheBlock .Tonight’s episode will answer the question Read More »

Details To Why Big Sean and Naya Rivera Call Off Their Engagement

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Its official the engagement of Big Sean and Naya Rivera was called off and the two are going in on each other …guess it’s truly a thin line between love and HATE.

Check out the details below.

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Reality Reel: #RHOA Threaten To Walk If Porsha Stewart Fired?

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Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.47.42 PM

Could the entire cast or Bravo’s hit reality show about to band together to save Porsha’s job?
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Chris Brown May Miss Court Hearing, Authorities To Blame?

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Chris Brown may miss his court date today. But get this he’s may miss his court hearing while in police custody. Huh? WHAT???
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Jay-Z’s Jewelry Causes Controversy…

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Jay-Z continues to fuel those Illuminati rumors. Checkout the latest.

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Fans Come For Michelle Williams w/ #PoorMichelle

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Black Michelle Williams is not amused over a hashtag on black twitter that paints her as broke, hurt and needing her shine. Michelle responds to the brash #PoorMichelle.

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Not True: The Game Replies To Rumors He Laid Hands On Baby Momma

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Rumors exploded over the weekend that rapper The Game brutally attacked his soon to be wife Tiffany Cambridge. But Game is speaking out against the nonsense.

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Reality Real: Porsha Stewart & Kenya Moore Could End W/ Firing??

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If you watched MTVs “The Real World,” then you know once you lay hands on cast members its a wrap for you. And it looks like Bravo will be following suit Porsha Stewart if you believe the gossip. Checkout more below.

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Shock-Jock Claims @S_C_ Is Really 50 Years Old!

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Beyonce’s age has been a topic of discussion for years, many, present company included, believes she shaved off a few years. But could her hubby HOV really be 50 years old, and NOT 42 like he claims?? The scandal. See below.

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