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We haven’t heard much from Frank Ocean these days. Once he was the talk of the town. But the hype has seemed to died down tremendously. And now it seems, there’s a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement on one of his records.



I am sure you’ve noticed that we’ve kept a healthy distance from this whole T.I. and Tiny “debacle,” if that’s even a fair word for it. Welp, it seems a fan got a little too close to the situation. What was the result. Find out below.


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It was only a matter of time before head honchos over at VH1 would put an end to the brutality plaguing their Atlanta franchise. You already know about the melee that broke out couple of nights ago in Downtown Atlanta. But did you hear about the emergency production meeting that was called to put an end to the hoodlike shenanigans? Check below.



VH1′s Karlie Redd is in the news again. As you know by now it was sheer pandemonium at #LHATL’s Sleazy & Zino’s ATL opening. Welp, it seems Redd is putting folks on notice and on blast. Namely Benzino and his alleged #pencild*ck,



We just can’t get enough on Justin Bieber. Check to find out the new information on his toxicology report.




Did Lil Scrappy gets caught up with his old ‘scraps’ in Miami? Where is Bambi during these festivities? And what happened on the roadtrip to Miami?


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Screenshot 2014-01-29 21.16.00It was just last week when #FreddyO spotted Trina Braxton‘s #Bar-Chix Tour Bus with Bars Chicks and Bar Boys in tow sashaying down to Los Angeles drinking, bickering, laughing, playing spades and enjoying the Luxury fully loaded tour bus ride. Little did they know that after Tamar Braxton‘s post Grammy Party ended and they headed for home that tragedy would strike them in Forest, MS (Where???) That’s right in the middle of Nowhere!! in the Wallmart parking lot where they would find themselves for the next 48 hrs (only 6 hours from their home destination). WoW this has got to SUCK!  READ MORE


Sunday’s brawl between Brandon DeShazer and Christopher Williams at NeNe Leakes’ Pillow Talk event was one that left many “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans talking, but according to Peter Thomas, what viewers saw wasn’t everything that went down.