Letoya Luckett Graces Cover of Rolling Out Magazine

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cover_LeToya_Luckett_web-2-650x824Letoya Luckett is one of the more underrated hard working talents out there. This houston Bred, southern bell took the time out to give advice to young starlets and share her own insecurities. Read More »

Is Lisa Nicole Cloud the New Rich B*#% on Married To Medicine Season 2 #Trailer

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Lisa Nicole Cloud wife of Dr Darren Naugles (Married to Medicine Season 2)

Lisa Nicole Cloud wife of Dr Darren Naugles (Married to Medicine Season 2)

I got the news about the newest cast member on Married to Medicine! Looks like the Women of Married to Medicine will be dishing out more than prescriptions from their husbands! Dr. Jackie gonna be doing more than delivering babies this season. The ladies are back and fiesty than ever. There’s all kinds of things from restraining orders, Doggie Fashion Shows, and these ladies are showing us how the RICH & Educated do it. Now introducing the lovely, very RICH, Un-pushable, and highly intelligent Ms. Lisa Nicole Cloud the Millionaire Maker!


Check out the details below.

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VH1 Officially Announces New Show ‘Atlanta Exes’, Tameka Raymond, Torrei Hart, and Monyetta Shaw

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Another show falls victim to being one of the ‘Worst Kept TV Filming Secrets’. Nonetheless, everyone is still excited to see this show.

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SWV is coming for the crown on WeTv beating out a certain other show on Thursday nights…

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Soul Train Music Awards Bans Lip Syncing

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Now here’s one for the record books!  After years of artists lip syncing on Soul Train, this year they are in for a surprise!  According to reports there will be NO LIP SYNCING at the 2013 Soul Train Awards that will be aired on December 1st on BET and Centric.  We are so sorry R&B/Soul singer of the Y2K era, you are NOT Beyonce and this is NOT a Presidential Inauguration!  I’m not sure who’s performing, but…it is the Soul Train Awards so are ears should be pretty safe.  Check out some past Soul Train Award performances below and let us know if you think some of these singers were faking it on the mic. Read More »

Diddy Gives Fans A Personal Glimpse About Father’s Drug Dealer Past

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The big homie Sean “Diddy” Combs gives his fans a rare glimpse of his personal life with his latest Revolt TV segment in reference to his father’s story.

The music mogul and extraordinary entrepreneur used his extravagantly new music TV project Revolt TV as his platform on Wednesday to publicly discuss his late father, Melvin Combs. Read More »

LeToya Luckett Brings The Heat As The New BLEU BOMBSHELL

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LeToya Luckett is already FAB-U-LOUS all by herself, but now she is giving us Life in her brand new shoot as the featured Bleu Bombshell for Bleu magazine.

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PHOTOS : Ciara & Future Spotted At BET AWARDS

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Stevie J Arrested was Tardy 4 R. Kelly’s Birthday Party and Got Arrested

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stevie-j-faceStevie J was headed to  R Kelly’s Birthday party at the Havannah Club tonight and somehow never made it! Allegedly He was pulled over and his license was suspended so he was taken to jail. Man! Poor Stevie. He just came back in town from making an appearance in Las Vegas . Then he was in Florida with Deelishis! Did he learned anything? You must have the big booty to get a pass or at least make the fellas feel they may get something out of it . You know flattery gets you all info.


calls from Stevie’s rep have not been returned.