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Ford Motor Company was a major sponsor for Essence Music Festival 2014. The company showed off its philanthropic side by presenting Essence Communication with a hefty check to help them to continue to do good community work.

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Michael Starhan heard that actor/comedian Kevin Hart donated $15,000 to Texas Southern’s ”Ocean of the Soul” Marching Band and decided to add another $100,000 to the cause. Yes black men are giving of their time and money to help HBCU’s. It’s a great look. READ MORE


I am honored to be a judge for the 25th Annual Real Men Cook Atlanta event celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday, June 15th. David Banner is lending his celebrity along with a host of other civic leaders, musicians, and entrepreneurs around town.

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Isaac Carree definitely knows how to move the crowd! I had the opportunity to listen to the live performance, check it out !


Today, REVOLT TV announced a new community initiative, HELLO Harlem, designed to raise interest, awareness and support for the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem (BGCH).

The big homie Diddy and Revolt TV are doing big things.

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The big homie Tyrese Gibson hosted a benefit concert on Friday night (May 30) to raise awareness of the mass kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls that have left the world stunned and filled with dismay.

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Rihanna Reportedly Donating Thousands To LAPD

The homie Rihanna is showing love to the families of the LAPD by donating $25,000.

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DrJackieSimoneDr. Simone Whitfield (cast-mate to Dr Heavenly Kimes) was recently a no show at the #HeavenlyUniversity Conference held for business saavy individuals? Word on the curb is Dr Simone has not been happy about the recently aired arguments during season 2 of Married to Medicine between her BFF Dr Jackie and Dr Heavenly. Would educated doctors READ MORE