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Lil Duval Celebrates Going Gold

Lil Duval has living his best life as a complete music artist outside of the comedy. His record “Smile, Living My Best Life” has officially gone gold. It is the theme and new catch phrase for someone just living their life, not going back and forth with the next. Watch the recap of the party, Lil Duval celebrate getting his Gold plaque for the record with his industry friends. 


Vh1 LHH Atlanta Scrapp Deleon returns for season 8

Scrapp Deleon _ Photo Credit Briana Crudup

Scrapp Deleon is home from prison and dating already?

Vh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season premiere airs at 8pm March 25th. The drama filled trailer leaves so many questions unanswered. The anticipated return of Scrapp Deleon the son of Karen “KK” King shows him being released from prison. Momma Dee posted pictures earlier this year but was Scrapp free yet?

The season 5 LHH Atlanta ended showing Scrapp appearing before a judge receiving a 20 year sentence for a marajuana charge. Originally Deleon was ordered to serve 5 years in jail and 15 years probabation. Through lots of prayers and a great attorney Scrapp RETURNS to Season 8 after serving only 3 years. READ MORE

This Is How You Propose to Your Mate!!!

Recently R&B singing chart topper, Major, had a show in Atlanta, GA and this is what happen. A guy felt it was the right place and right time to bring his lady up and pop the question. My thing is what if she said no, but she said yes. Watch the video here. 


Conversation about BET Killer Curves

Killer Curves” is an original documentary film that explores the often dangerous trend of black women who are increasingly turning to black-market surgery to enlarge their backsides to mirror the exaggerated curves of pop-culture stars such as Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Cardi B.


Killer Mike’s “Trigger Warning”

Killer Mike has a netflick film “Trigger Warning”; he’s talking about buying black, how long money stays in the black community. He actually did an experience of 24 hours buying completely Black. Could he do it? Watch the recap and his meaning of doing the whole documentry. 


T.I. Sister; Precious Harris Home Going Party

It was sad to say good bye to such a nice lady, but she is indeed resting peacefully now. We will always remember and love Precious Harris; who is TI big sister. Those who had the chance to meet and work with her know she was a great spirit while she was here. Here is a recap of the homegoing celebration they had right here in Atlanta, Ga. Watch the video here.


They Flipping Over People on Venice Beach

When you travel to L.A. ; you have to take a day to visit Venice Beach. There is always something going on on the boardwalk before you even make it to see the Pacific Ocean. Check out the world class Calypso Tumblers; they literally are flipping over people. Don’t worry no one gets hurt; they are professionals. 


What People Think Of Essence ?

Are you thinking about going to Essence? If you never been then you might want to start saving your coins now and make sure you are there this year. Check out last year’s show what the people thought of their essence fest experience. There were alot of Essence Fest Virgins and Essence Vets; this is what they thought. Watch the video here from FreddyO TV .