Will The Queen Bee Mariah Huq Be Buzzed Off Her Throne By Newbies Lisa Cloud and Dr Heavenly?

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lisa-leggsHow do the ladies of Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine really feel about the Queen Bee Mariah? Lisa Nicole Cloud “She thinks she’s the Queen Bee, better than Quad and all of this.” “She’s always traveling with an entourage,wants to be the”comments Lisa Cloud. “You don’t need your momma, yo sister and four more other black people,” comments Dr. Heavenly Kimes. I see lots of shad coming from the #NewKidsOnTheBlock .Tonight’s episode will answer the question Read More »

Is Lisa Nicole Cloud the New Rich B*#% on Married To Medicine Season 2 #Trailer

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Lisa Nicole Cloud wife of Dr Darren Naugles (Married to Medicine Season 2)

Lisa Nicole Cloud wife of Dr Darren Naugles (Married to Medicine Season 2)

I got the news about the newest cast member on Married to Medicine! Looks like the Women of Married to Medicine will be dishing out more than prescriptions from their husbands! Dr. Jackie gonna be doing more than delivering babies this season. The ladies are back and fiesty than ever. There’s all kinds of things from restraining orders, Doggie Fashion Shows, and these ladies are showing us how the RICH & Educated do it. Now introducing the lovely, very RICH, Un-pushable, and highly intelligent Ms. Lisa Nicole Cloud the Millionaire Maker!


Check out the details below.

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Shoe Shine: @KeyshiaCole Teases w/ New Shoe Line Sneak Peek!

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We’ve been hearing about Keyshia Cole shoes since her now defunct reality show. But its looking like the impending shoe line is almost ready.

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Fashion Forward: Micheal Sam Gets Into The “Out & Proud” Merchandising Game!

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The first out and proud football star, who hasn’t been drafted for the NFL, but is expected to be soon, is getting into the merchandising business.

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Be Mag Snags @MissMya For Spring Cover, Teaches Singer How To Nae Nae!

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Shouts to to Lola Simms for getting her client Mya on the cover of BE Magazine. See below for the deets.  Read More »

Free Market F*ckery: Kanye’s Kicks All Sold Out, But Appear On Ebay For 16 Million!

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Screenshot 2014-02-11 at 9.37.44 PM

Celebrities and their pricey footwear are nothing new to the industry. However Kanye West’s new signature shoe collectors item has just taken the game from absurd to downright criminal.

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PHOTOS: T.I., Meek Mill, Young Thug and Cordarrelle Patterson Spotted at The PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker!

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The big homies T.I., Meek Mill, and Cordarelle Patterson was on hand to help celebrate the launch of The PUMA Lab Powered by Footlocker. Atlanta has an amazing new interactive shopping experience thanks to Puma and Footlocker. The facility, the apparel, and shoes are amazing!


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Cassie Designs Streetwear Collection For ‘Young & Restless’

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CASSIE is on it! She has a new title and checks rolling in left and right!

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Adidas Takes Kanye West But Declines On Kim Kardashian

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Kanye-AdidasWord around town is that Kanye West just signed a shoe deal with Adidas but they shot him down when he tried to secure a deal for his baby mama.  Get the details inside. Read More »