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Photo Of The Day: What Happened To Eva Marcille?


OMG! What happened to Eva? I am NOT feeling the new look and new face. Lately I noticed the celebrities doing drastic changes to their appearances and for no reason, she was pretty just as she was. What yall think? Lance come save her ASAP…


Nicki Minaj is certainly giving her fans their monies worth and putting on a very intriguing show. She brings out all her sexy little tricks from lapdances, dildo’s, and provocative and sensual dances. She is a performer that has created her own lane and enhances it every chance she gets. I admire her for being a rapper and having routine performances. Not just walking all over the stage yelling. Not the typical rap artist.



Thirsty Roots T-Shirt Collection Teaser

Black hair brand Thirsty Roots presents: I Love My Thirsty Roots T-Shirt Collection. Here’s the video teaser for the t-shirts which includes 30 character tees. The t-shirts will be available exclusively on on Friday, January 28, 2011. Check out the video and head over to Thirty Root’s t-shirt microsite to preview all 30 designs.

Ladies, celebrate your Black Hair and express yourself with this collection.


I guess Kimmy thought showin a preview of her new clothing line yall would be amazed. This is  not going to be a Positive Outcome. There is maybe one fit that Ill buy my grandmother..LOL.. But hey who knows women these dayz will wear any thing that a celeb wear. So Good Luck Kim

Urban couture boutique The Fashion Industry, in conjunction with Ciroc and hip-hop mogul, Gregg Street, hosted their second annual in-store fashion fall preview . The men’s boutique located in the West End area, showcased new inventory from premier fashion lines.


Personal stylist Reno Valentine, coordinated and styled the event along with Store Manager Teeon Gooden. The event was free to attend with complimentary Ciroc drinks and parking throughout the night. You can check the Fashion Industry out online at or call (404) 752-0462 Monday – Saturday between noon and 8 p.m. Big shout out to my girl Maranda Butler for putting on a wonderful event… Here are all the pic’s.. READ MORE


Today (Aug 12)  starting at 9 AM EST  you can bid on one of five designs created by Mr. Carter for Nike. The shoes called the Nike HOV will be auctioned off on ebay from today until August 22nd.  For all of you Jay-Z stans with deep pockets and spare time, good luck. All proceeds will be going to support the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. For a peak inside the all black Air Force Hov. READ MORE