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There has been some drama over Hangover2, apparently during the sequel, the character played by Zach Galifiankis uses the N- word. Now every one knows that if you are not of African- American decent you cannot use the word. So you can imagine how my how me people who saw the movie reacted towards it when they heard it. I can hear the crickets.

In a recent interview Zach sits down with sources and defends his character’s motivation for using the word. Implying they wanted to they really wanted to push the envelop and reveal how ignorant and stupid his character is. But on the outside looking in critics wouldn’t perceive it as so.

“For someone to say that word so cluelessly, it’s funny because it comes out of a place of ignorance,” Galifianakis explained. “And Alan doesn’t know any better; he’s just an idiot. Anyone who would say that so loosely is an idiot. That word can be very inflammatory but Alan is such a dimwit, it’s not excusable at all but you’re making fun of people that would say that word.”

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T.D. Jakes To Be The Next Tyler Perry

So now that “Jumping the Broom” was a hit, it has catapulted T.D. Jakes abilities as a producer to have Hollywood looking to him for their future projects. The preacher/movie mogul is moving forward to co-produce with former Fox Studios head Joe Roth, a new production for Sony based on a non-fiction book.

“Heaven is For Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back” was originally written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent and sold over 4.5 million copies. It chronicles the story of how Burpo’s now 11-year-old son Colton took a journey to the afterlife after he died during an emergency appendectomy operation. But he recovered. READ MORE

Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga on SNL Finale

So tonight is the season finale of Saturday Night Live and former boy band star, turned unofficial comedian Justin Timberlake is going to be hosting. Justin has clearly ditched his boy band persona and found himself a new gig as an unofficial cast member on SNL. Now unlike some people, Justin has actually been quite hillarious on SNL. Now think about it what other male can dress up as the Queen Bey herself and pull off single ladies and have over 15 million viewers laughing with him and not at him..? If any other male tried that you already know they would be considered suspect. Oh, but wait don’t forget the musical guest for the night is Lady Gaga, and you never know what piece of meat, cartoon character or dairy product she will incubate in pre-performance. And there was definitley no shortage of entertainment gossip and scandal this week, so this should make for a quite comedic show.

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Maria Shriver was quietly looking at pricey L.A. condos back in January … months before the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby scandal broke … TMZ reported. What’s especially interesting about this is it looks like Arnold told Maria about Mildred Patty Baena immediately after he left the governor’s office on January 3.

Sources say Maria and her broker looked at a condo at The Carlyle on Wilshire, a pricey condo building near UCLA. Among the residents that currently reside there are Bruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, Paul Anka, Donna Summer and Matt Kemp. READ MORE

Morrocan Cannon and Monroe Cannon! Those are the names that have been the most highly talked about this this month perhaps. Why did Nick and wife Mariah name their twins that. Not even in the world a whole month and already causing a frenzy in the media. Nick recently had an in formal interview with Bossip and candidly spoke on all the lingering questions the media had for the newfound father.

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Nicki Minaj Plays Principal For A Day {Video}

In support of the Get MotivatED Challenge to help student attendance, Nicki Minaj played principal for the day by surprising students at Collins Academy High School in Chicago. After teaching a freshman English class, she was joined by MTV’s Sway and presented three students with $10k college scholarships. School is cool.

Checkout Principal Nicki in action:

It was only a matter of time before one of the ladies of DWTS took matters into their owns hands and put the moves on heart throb Romeo.Romeo makes it no secret that he isn’t ashamed of his body and he loves to show it off to the ladies just to keep them a little more interested then his competitives. I guess Kirstie Alley’s got a little vulnerable after watching Romeo shake and repeatedly thrust his pelvis during rehearsals that was going to make her move when she thought no one was looking.

Kristie was asked about the kiss she planted on poor Romeo:


Diddy Changes His Name… AGAIN!

So apparently Puff Daddy AKA Puffy AKA P. Diddy now has ANOTHER name to add to his belt. The entrepreneur has decided to create another twitter account to complement his current “@iamdiddy” account. Everybody cue the claps for this one.

Spotted @ Bossip

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