Jim Beam Spirits Takes Over “The Great Escape” Mixtape Release Party Hosted by DJ Scream, DJ Nina 9, and DJ Spinz

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djspinz-nina9-zach-screamThe big homie Jim Beam Spirits took over the world-famous DARP Studios mixtape release party for the Kentucky born artist Zach Farlow.  The homies DJ Scream of Maybach Music Group,  DJ Nina 9 of SiriusXM Hip Hop Nation, and DJ Spinz hosted the “the Great Escape” Mixtape Release Party .

Check out the pictures below.
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New Atlanta’s Alexandra Dilworth Chats with FreddyO!

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The homie Alexandra Dilworth is doing big things in addition to her gig with Bravo’s New Atlanta. The reality star shared some really cool pieces of advice with me that includes her love for Electric Dance Music, her thoughts about being a Trophy Wife, and the importance of giving back to the community.

There’s so much going on with Alexandra Dilworth.

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Angie Stone, Ashanti Graves, Syleena Johnson and the RnB Divas Go To Hawaii

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Screenshot 2014-02-13 11.36.12Looks like Angie Stone and boyfriend Ashanti Graves and the RnB Divas are hitting the surf in Hawaii. Who knew black people surf? That diminish the sterotype of us and swimming. I wonder what kind of madness is going on with them gals over in Hawaii? Is KeKe and Michael there? Hmmmm I see Syleena and her boo are there as well.

Check out the details below.

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Drake Calls Macklemore’s Apology Text to Kendrick Lamar WHACK!

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Drake has some words of advice for Macklemore on how to WIN gracefully and how not to feel APOLOGETIC for being a winner. The big homie sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine and the conversation followed to Macklemore’s apology to Kendrick Lamar.

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@Drake Rants on Twitter about Fraudulent Rolling Stone Interview

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Uh oh, it appears that the big homie @Drake was not at all happy about his recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Drizzy turned to Twitter to vent this morning letting everyone know that he was not at all pleased with Rolling Stone’s antics, and even vowing that he was done with doing interviews.

Check out the details below.

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Young Thug says “Drugs Help Me Think!”

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Young Thug has some of the hottest singles out right now “Danny Glover” and “Stoner” . He recently spoke with Fader magazine about his new projects, his relationship and loyalty to the man who signed him (currently incarcerated) Gucci Mane. The big homie also discuss how his creativity is heightened by the bud/the reefer/the chronic/that weed/that ohhhhhhh wee!

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Bob Whitfield Takes Over Superbowl Live Broadcast WAOK and Post Talk With Kordell Stewart on 11 alive News

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Screenshot 2014-02-03 02.56.35Bob Whitfield seems to be not only a former NFL Falcon and NY Giant; The current  ”master skills trainer”  for offensive linemen seems to have found his niche in broadcasting on radio and T.V. as well. “You know he went to Stanford.” Last night the former RHOA husband to Sheree Whitfield joined the WAOK family to host a live remote at TGIF and was later spotted on a primetime news channel chopping it up with former RHOA and NFL Kordell Stewart and Chris Draft on 11 alive Sports late night with Sam Crenshaw.

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Nicole Ari Parker Added to ‘Cafe Mocha’ Radio Show

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As a busy mom/entrepreneur/actress, Nicole Ari Parker still has room on her plate to add radio host to her long, glowing resume and many duties. We have to tilt our hats to this extraordinary woman for her graceful drive of balancing it all.

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Toni Braxton’s Sister Tamar Braxton’s Sister’s Trina Braxton’s #Bar-Chix Bus Stranded 48hrs in Mississippi #ICESTORMS

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Screenshot 2014-01-29 21.16.00It was just last week when #FreddyO spotted Trina Braxton‘s #Bar-Chix Tour Bus with Bars Chicks and Bar Boys in tow sashaying down to Los Angeles drinking, bickering, laughing, playing spades and enjoying the Luxury fully loaded tour bus ride. Little did they know that after Tamar Braxton‘s post Grammy Party ended and they headed for home that tragedy would strike them in Forest, MS (Where???) That’s right in the middle of Nowhere!! in the Wallmart parking lot where they would find themselves for the next 48 hrs (only 6 hours from their home destination). WoW this has got to SUCK!  Read More »