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(10/4/2010) The mad genius Kanye West has outdid himself once again with an electrifying performance of his hit single “Power”. Kanye’s original version went ‘f*ck SNL and the whole cast, Tell em’ Yeezy said they can kiss my whole a**’. Well, this time, considering Yeezy was the guest performer on Saturday Night Live, Kanye replaced the insult with an entirely new verse, and it goes extra hard. This performance was basically a live performance of his “potrait” style video. You got to see it to know what we are talking about. The visual effects are mesmerizing. I got to give it to Kanye for this one. Check out the video below!!


The Durrty Boyz Say Bishop Eddie Long Can Do It Wit No Hands

Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 10.22.34 PM

Yall I am lost for words after watching this spoof of Bishop Eddie Long’s unconventional preaching style that my homies Hot 107.9’s The Durrty Boyz  did. They edited video clips of the church sermon with the club banger “No Hands” I have to say my granny wasn’t very happy and was very upset after watching them mix the lords holy ghost and house with what she called that Devil music …. Then she asked what did “look ma no hands, mean”???

LOL I am just keeping it real… After watching this video I need to go some where and pray cause this video is nothing but sin. You tell me? READ MORE

Here is Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson trying there best to sing and dance to Bobby Brown’s classsic “Every Little Step”. I really don’t know what to say, but I can say Mike still got moves… LOL

Here s video…. READ MORE

New Video: Waka Flocka – Uh Huh


(10/1/2010) Here’s another delayed hit off Flocka’s LeBron Flocka James Pt. 2 mixtape. I must say, this guy doesn’t say much…and he knows it….even said it. lol Thats the kind of confidence you got to have to make it in this business. Ah well,  Flockaveli in stores next Tuesday. READ MORE

New Video: Rick Ross (Feat. Slim Thug) – Paid The Cost


(10/1/2010) Rick Rozay has released a video for his newest hit “Paid the Cost” featuring Slim Thug. Ross and Slim Thug were just Twitter beefing a few weeks ago after Ross said in a lyric “”She dated Slim Thug, but now she f— with me/ She finally made it to the biggest boss luckily.”

Slim Thugger quickly took to his Twitter page with a question — and a retort.

“WTF @rickyrozay is that a diss?” Slim wrote. “Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride.”

Well, before things got too far out of hand, Ross and Thugger talked, hammered out the misunderstanding and actually banged out a couple of new official songs.”Paid the Cost,” is the first of many. Check out the video below! READ MORE

Here is the official video for Luda’s new single featuring my homie Lil Scrappy the video footage contains clips from Luda Day Weekend. tell me what you think?

New Video: Rick Ross- Hard In The Paint


Ricky Rozay has done it again with another certfied hit ‘Hard in the paint’, the remake of Waka’s smash hit. Speaking of smashing, I know Ross is a big dude, but he literally demolishes this beat, practically owning it. As the camera pans over Vegas, and shows several sport cars, Ross erupts on the track with, “I go motherf*cking hard in the paint n*gga, touch 8 figures, put it in the bank n*gga…”  Teflon Don is stores now. What version do you like better, Waka’s or Rozays? Check out the video below! READ MORE

New Music: Tyga- BMF Freestyle


Young Money hot spitter Tyga has dropped new hit for the rap heads. Although its been done many times already, Tyga brings us his version of “BMF’, rapping over the beat and spitting fire at the same time. Some may not agree and say Tyga can’t spit, but we all know everybody at Young Money will soon be platinum according to Wayne’s marketing plan.

Tyga was born Michael Stevenson on November 19, 1989, in Gardena, California.  Born of Jamaican and Vietnamese descent, he is the cousin of Travis McCoy, the lead vocalist of the group Gym Class Heroes. He achieved his first recognition opening for Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes during the Young Wild Things Tour in late 2007. Check out the video below!! READ MORE