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New Lil Wayne f/ Drake

BET Awards Show

This man simply can’t be stopped. The new single “Right Above” is off of his upcoming album tentatively titled “I’m Not A Human Being.” Listen to the new single, READ MORE

New Video: T.I. feat Keri Hilson- Got Your Back


The official music video for T.I.’s DJ Toomp-produced record “Got Your Back” featuring Keri Hilson dropped July 21 from his new album King Uncaged due in stores Sept. 28th. “I got I got I got I got your back boy…”


New Video: Asher Roth- Toni Braxton


And just to think, I was just trying to figure out yesterday why “Halle Berry” was the only lady to have a song with her name right now…No Nia Long? Sanna Lathan? Gabrielle Union? Then my man Asher Roth dropped a video for his single “Toni Braxton”. Although its not as commericial as Hurricanes’ club banger and women liberator, this song still goes hard. Shot in cartoon format, Roth delivers another explosive set of bars. I mean, some compare him to Eminem…but really, this cat is kind of unique in his own way. “Rap shit thats it, roll a blunt and pass it, smoking on some home got him feeling fantastic.”


Alicia Keys Piano Dances At BET Awards 2010

alicia bet piano 

Forget table dances. Alicia used real talent and did her thang on the piano. The award show seemed to bring back life into some people’s careers. Was this award show an improvement?  Who should get the go back to sleep awards?  What do you all think? BET Award Updates will be coming  READ MORE

Slim Thug Thinks Most Black Women Are Crazy

slim thug

I really think Slim Thug has lost his mind. He feels that most black women standards are too high. Newsflash (speaking for myself) it is not anything wrong with being realistic and knowing what you want. By the way, I have three degrees. So I guess that makes me an educated fool? Slim, that doesn’t define my character. That is why I am not upset with his opinion. Why would I want someone that can’t add to what I have? Bow down…maybe you meant be submissive? Furthermore, black women can be submissive but should not be submissive to stupidity. You said that black people should change their frame of reference. I think instead of making a suggestion you should act upon it (pull your pants up). You downplayed women on the whole making white women sound like they are slaves. I think there are insecurity issues when you feel that someone should bow down to you. Nevertheless, why would  a woman play house with a man when more than likely he treats her like a rental? Sweetie, anyone can control a puppet. READ MORE

New Video: Bone Thugs N Harmony “See Me Shine”

Here is the Official video for “See Me Shine” off the high ly anticipated  reunion album, “The World’s Enemy. ” Are yall feeling it?

New Video: Soulja Boy – Third Eye Open

Here is Soulja Boy new video “Third Eye Open” What yall think?

Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Is Found Guilty

Detroit Ex Mayor

Kwame Kilpatrick faces jail for violating probation terms that have allowed him to remain free and living on his  high horse in Texas, a judge ruled today. “He’s facing incarceration,” Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner told prosecutors during Kilpatrick’s criminal probation hearing. “You know that.”

Groner ruled that Kilpatrick violated the terms of his probation because of his failure to disclose all of his assets as well as not reporting money he received from tax refunds for tapping political funds, and money he received from a $240,000 loan. READ MORE