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R&B singer Jacob Latimore is back with a dope new song called “Remember Me”.

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If you have Spotify and were searching for Kendrick Lamar, you may have thought your eyes were playing a trick on you. Many fans saw that an entirely new album from Kendrick Lamar was uploaded.  READ MORE


R&B singer Jason Derulo wants everyone to know that he was not trying to bite r&b legend D’Angelo’s style in “How Does it Feel” in his new video “Naked“.

It looks like a tribute to the 90’s anthem that had you fast tailed girls hoping the camera would fall. I remember sitting in the dorm listening to yall talk about man that camera could go lower… I remember yall looking at that video. LOL

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Kanye West released some big news on Twitter today. The Chicago rapper tweeted out an image of a morphed 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne face, with the caption that revealed the name of the joint project as well.


NEW MUSIC: R&B Group 112 Reunites!

For all of us 90’s kids we are very nostalgic about our music, fashion, and movies; I have exciting news that the R&B group 112 are getting back together. They announced the news on Instagram yesterday!

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PRESS PLAY: Lil Mama Release “Panda” Video

Lil Mama is back and she’s bringing the music. The starlet just released her Biggie-inspired video for “Memes,” Lil Mama delivers another banger for her fans and supporters. The new song “Panda” was influenced by a different rapper’s smash single: Desiigner’s “Panda.”

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Word on the street is that Frank Ocean is back in the studio making new music and he might have hosted a private listening party in NYC over the weekend.

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My home girl the lovely Chrisette Michelle is releasing and harnessing that black girl magic with the release of her dope and trap music mixtape “Steady Gang” mixtape.

“It goes DOWN IN THE DM” croons Chrisette Michelle.

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