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Jill Scott had Twitter a buzz yesterday not about a hot new song or a new film but a nude photo leak showcasing the singer’s hot new body. Is Jill Scott the latest victim of celebrity hacking or did she leak the photo?

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Benzino, Thi Thi

Althea is the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Character with a sex tape and the beef between she and Joseline Hernandez has spilled over on Stevie J and Benzino. The once best friends are beefing big time on Twitter. The girls are fist fighting at the Reunion Show.

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Basketball Wives LA star and stuff starter Jackie Christie is letting it all hang out literally. The drama queen posted a topless photo on Instagram showcasing all of her goodies.

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Lady Gaga "Do What U Want"

Going GREEN for October is exactly what Lady GaGa is sporting. While taking cues from Nikki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks both are trying to get a piece of the “revealing” shine in the social media limelights.

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Chad Johnson Goes To FBI Over Sex Tape Leak



As reported earlier this week Chad Johnson admitted to a sex tape, but he was not the one responsible for leaking it. The internet has started to show parts and pieces of the tape not the full thing. He has gone to the FBI for help in the situation. READ MORE

Chad Johnson Admits To Having A Sex Tape


Move over Kim K, Chad Johnson acknowledges that he does indeed have a sex tape with two females. Apparently these women were ‘friends.’ He says the tape is real but he never wanted the homemade movie to go public. READ MORE

Wendy Williams Gets Naked For PETA


Wendy Williams is stripping down for a good cause. The new PETA ad has Wendy featured naked in their  “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. READ MORE

Nelly Gets Naked For Scorpio Season Birthday


It’s Scorpio Season and we all know they are a little on the naughty side. Nelly yet again shows his body for the ladies as he wishes himself a Happy Birthday last night naked behind a St. Louis cake! More photos inside. READ MORE

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