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J Young - Rap Artist

J Young – Rap Artist

J Young has done it again! This Atlanta rap artist/songwriter put time aside from filming in the “All Eyez on Me” Tupac biopic (where he portrays the role of Tupac’s confidant and Outlawz front man, Hussein Fatal) ; hit the studio to put the finishing touches on his “Apology” song so he could complete the music video. READ MORE

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Lil Boosie was out spreading his wings in Florida at his sold out concert at the Aqua Nightclub & Lounge on March 19. Before Lil Boosie hit the stage his opener Kolyon, a fire rapper out of Pompano Beach Florida set the tempo for Lil Boosie to just flow right in. READ MORE

New Video Alert: Not – Get Up
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New Video Alert: Not – Pocket Change
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New Music: Jon Schuyler- “Overrated” Video

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“Overrated” is the second and fan-favorite single from singer/songwriter, Jon Schuyler’s ‘199X’ EP released in December 2014. The video features a young, professional woman experiencing loneliness in her hotel room and a mysterious Schuyler performs his thoughtful lyrics amidst beautiful artwork in a museum exhibit. Download this song and more of the ‘199X’ EP at Check out the music video below!

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New Music: Matthew Skyy- ‘Divergent’ Mixtape

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Indie artist Matthew Skyy is on a mission to the change the game. The singer makes his stance with the release of his debut mixtape ‘Divergent,’ inspired by the movie of the same name.

Matthew Skyy was born in Jersey City, New Jersey as the youngest of 6 children from a first generation Haitian household. Skyy’s father passed away at age 4, and his family relocated to Atlanta, where he has formulated his artistry and passion for music through adversity.

“All of the things I’ve been through have helped me to write music through my emotions. Being a hybrid rapper & singer, I have found my own sound…a sound that sounds futuristic. My sound is universal,” says Matthew.

In a time where music is watered down, Matthew is bringing a new wave to the music industry. He plans to create a new sound instead of following the trend. A lot of Matthew’s songs pull from his experiences with females or from his experiences in life in general. He intended to take listeners on an emotional roller coaster with the project.

“I feel like my music stands apart from others, and in the movie the main character was different from others and saw the world from a different view than most. I feel like in this generation people are scared to be themselves so they resort to being followers and conformists. There are too many clones. I feel ‘Divergent’ is the music that will allow people to be themselves. Whether you’re weird or awkward, you will embrace who you are as a person and bless the world with your unique soul.”

Check out the mixtape below.

fetty-wap-album-coverPatterson New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap new album Fetty Wap comes out this Friday.  So far he has cranked out 3 Top 10 hits!!!!  His debut single “Trap Queen” went platiunum selling over 1 million copies.  Fetty Wap’s follow up singles “My Way” and “679” are well on their way to reaching sales goals as well.  Not bad for a young rapper from Patterson, New Jersey!!  His album, which hits super hard, is defintiely one for the ladies.  His rhythmic vocals over melodic beats has made him a fan favorite and I am quite certain that you will enjoy this album!  Listen to Fetty Wap’s new album below.

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NEW MUSIC — Tweet – “Wont Hurt Me”


This summer saw the comeback of a few early 00’s R&B stars. We saw a new single from Mario and Rick Ross a few weeks ago, now we have Tweet. Tweet blessed us with songs such as “Oops” in 2002. (ft. Missy Elliot.) Also, the song “Take Away”, which was a tribute to the late Aaliyah. This time around she’s signed to E-one music and is releasing her new single ,”Wont Hurt Me.” Her new album , “Charlene” (her first name) is coming soon.