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Queen U is coming to your city and Ms. Julia came to slay!

Her intention is not to slay only in fashion as she does in the pic below; nope, her purpose is greater and BIGGER than fashion, she came to FREE YOUR MINDS!

So who is this innovative powerhouse diva that dares to get ya’ll in formation?

Her name is  Ms. Julia Sewell.

She is the Chairwoman and CEO of Sewell Speaks LLC, a company specializing in the arts of motivation, training and the development of individuals with whom she comes in contact with ,she is also the Founder of Queen U!

Ms. Sewell has spoken at more than 200 conferences and events and has worked with various prominent entities state-wide such as, St.Paul and New York public school districts, Minneapolis Park Board, BET, America’s Promise Alliance, City Year, Special Olympics, and Youth Leaders International, just to name a few. Her most recent feat was the launching of the Queen U initiative with her vision being the complete and world changing evolving of women globally. When asked what was the difference between Queen U and other women’s empowerment organizations she responded with this,  “Queen U will revolutionize the world, because we are empowering women to be their highest selves by first modeling it in our lives. I strongly believe that when you empower the women, you empower the man, you empower the child, thus a nation rises.”


Queen U is the brain child of Ms. Sewell and was formed with the vision of empowering, teaching and helping women around the world to find their happiness and life success by reaching into themselves and utilizing the talents and gifts that they possess to truly maximize their best potential, not only for themselves but also so that their contributions to the world would ultimately assist in making it a “better” place, “Queen U will be that aid to guide us in elevating our nation by gathering queens with the purpose of unification and manifestation of our best selves. When we are at our best, we have more to offer around us” Sewell said.

Earlier this year, Ms. Sewell advertised with the online blogging site The Shaderoom for an Ambassador search to progress her initiative. Since then, Queen U is able to boast 33 women ambassadors worldwide with the intent to double that within the next few months.

FullSizeRender (003)

In a series of monthly conferences scheduled for each calendar month this year around the world, Queen U’s conference is scheduled for July 16th this month in Atlanta. Queen ambassador Jaya Cain, alongside Queen U founder Julia Sewell, will host a women’s empowerment conference under the theme “Knowledge of Self”. This workshop styled conference will engage participants in a series of self analysis activities that aim to teach women how to positively, cognitively and smartly assess their life’s choices to discover whether or not they are living their best lives.Women are expected to walk away with a  wealth of new found networks, a sense of empowerment and a new drive to maximize the best that life has to offer to them and to embody that “can do” attitude.

image1 (002)

If you would like to be a part of this great movement, or if you would like to attend the Atlanta event, you may visit the organization’s website at for tickets and more information about Queen U.



Stacy Dash continues to disappoint!


You all remember Stacy Dash correct? You know the ones who made racist and negative comments about BET as if that network isn’t what put her on in the first place. Yeah, that one has done something even more absurd again! With the presidential elections around the corner many people have started to publicize who they will be endorsing. Stacy Dash, just let the world know as well and just because that girl is so backwards I bet you can guess who she endorsed!

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Yes, people she endorsed Donald Trump for president. If her prior chaos in the media didn’t convince you that this woman needs help then I hope this news does because this makes no sense for so many different reasons.


The fact that Stacy Dash is actually giving money to a presidential candidate, who if ever were elected, (God forbid) would literally make rules against her race is ridiculous. I get if you doubt your personal identity with a certain race but taking it this far is out of this world. I honestly do not know what goes through this woman’s mind but I don’t think I even want to know.

What do you all think about this? Agree? Disagree? Notice I didn’t put “don’t care” because that’s actually not an option at such high risk of destruction for this country.

Let me know your thoughts!


It’s safe to say Rihanna is completely unapologetic about her support for NBA superstar Lebron James. In her recent post on IG she tagged the married father of three in a picture of her in a swimsuit with the number “23” visibly on her stomach. The image follows a host of hints of a “friendship” between the too dating back to last summer when King James chartered a private jet so the Roc Nation Singer could attend the first game of the NBA Finals.


Flight MS804


Everyone remember the Malaysian plane that was lost and still hasn’t been found until this day with many passengers on it? Yes, well last night there was another incident where plane traveling from Paris to Cairo, Egypt VANISHED. The radar was lost, yup that’s right folks another plane was lost. You think we will ever find this one?

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Well some comforting news is that we actually were able to locate this plane. The unfortunate news is where it was actually found. Today, according to airline sources, the plane was believed to be in the Mediterranean Sea. It was flying about 37,000 feet off of the ground when it lost contact above this sea. There were 66 people on this plane and 56 were passengers.


Authorities on this case are not ruling out any causes as to why the flight “suddenly” crashed. Because the plane did not radio for help. This fact triggers authorities to believe that this could’ve been a terrorist attack. The irony of a plane just making sharp swerves and turns if the weather wasn’t a factor is very rare.

We talk about these things so causally but when you think about it there is no pattern as to when or where these things happen. That uncertainty is very scary.

Grits = Slave Food now?


Does anyone follow Ray J on social media? I do not, but I was on instagram and happend to keep seeing a video of him on the popular page so of course, curiosity struck me and I watched the video. Not, that this will be a surprise to anyone who is aware of the racism in this world but Ray J said he was disturbed by a comment made by Naomi Judd. Apparently, if you like grtis, get this, it is now considered a SLAVE FOOD.

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In the video Ray J explains that he was on his way to do a new project for Fox and when he got on set all things were good for a while until Naomi made a random comment. Apparently, Naomi Judd said she would rather starve then eat that slave food, referring to grits.


Well of course that comment is an insult and Ray J and his sister Brandy felt some type of way. You could tell in the video that Ray J was really hurt more than angry because he then goes on to say that “I thought we were all just trying to be better people in America.”  Which is so true but so many people are stuck in their ways and will continue to transfer that hate down to their children, that seeing people just as people without color factoring in seems impossible.

What is life?


I know everyone has seen the social media post of George Zimmerman putting the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin up for sale, correct? Well, if you haven’t not to long ago he did and social media went up in such an apparent uproar that the bid was removed. However, I think the bid was removed for more technical reasons then just that.

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Image: Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office booking photograph of George Zimmerman

A lot of fake bids started to come in and the site decided to remove the gun. Here we are thinking that these people actually care about the inhumane reason for putting that gun up for sale but they did not. This was taken so much for a joke that the bid was actually placed right back up a few minutes later and the bids started rolling in again.


The bids got up to about 400,000 yesterday and today it was confirmed that the gun was sold for over 120,000 DOLLARS. I guess that’s what African American lives worth nowadays, huh? Our lives are as much of a mockery as they were about 25 years ago, right?

This news disgusted me but we all need to know what is happening in this crazy, crazy world. If there is more good than bad than the outcome has to change, it has to.

Sister, Sister!


All the 90’s babies have to know that our era of Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon network were the absolute BEST, hands down. My personal favorite network was Disney Channel because it was magical to me. Disney Channel used to be poppin, honestly the best shows we shown there, but guess which was one of the most popular?


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Yes, it is “Sister, Sister”, was up in the top 5 favorites and they are all grown up now. Both twins are married now with children and Tamera Mowry recently made an appearance on , “The Real” with her youngest baby, “Ariah Housley”. She is the most precious and plum baby that you will ever see and she looks exactly like her mama.


It’s weird when you see stars like that all grown up, with husbands and children because then it reminds you of your age. Am I right? There was also a post I saw not to long ago speaking of a series possibly in the works called, “Sister, Sister 2″ or “All grown up” one of those, but who would go see that? I know I would. Something about the things on television these days that lack substance and we need a little restoration. I sound old, I know. Anyways, this episode of “The Real” airs tomorrow, so I hope you all do not miss it !



Can he rest in peace?


Issues regarding Prince and his most recent death are still very much so alive and mobil. If you all were not aware Prince doctor was under investigation after authorities found out the number of times he had his prescriptions filled in the last seven days of his life. Dr. Michael Schulenberg, not only was very specific as to what he would speak on but we just found out he left his practice. Is that not suspicious, or what?

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I mean if you have nothing to hide and you are innocent then why would you feel the need to  leave your entire practice? Did you not work your entire life for this? What are you trying to cover up? These are the questions that I’m sure many people want the answers to.


On top of this, remember the long lost sister I told you about claiming that she deserves a piece of Prince’s estate? Yes, well just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier it did. Recently, there was also a man claiming to be his son and requesting his cut as well. Sources clearly have no idea how valid this claim is and it is still under investigation. This is just too much mess if you ask me.

It is so true when they say your skeleton’s are not skeleton’s for long!