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Rick Ross’s new album Teflon Don was released on yesterday (July 20), and it has truly been the hottest trending topic on twitter for like the last 2 days. Well, John Gotti’s grandson, Carmine Agnello,  does not approve of Ross’s use of the name, saying that his grandfather paid his dues and earned that name. He may have Larry Hoover’s good graces, but its another playing field when it comes to the Italians.  He also went on to say only in America can a man go from a correctional officer to Teflon Don…WOW.

Angelo recently said in an interview,

My grandfather paid his dues for that nickname. That was my grandfather’s life,” Agnello said.

John Gotti was dubbed the “Teflon Don” after winning acquittal after acquittal in the 1980s. He was finally convicted of murder and racketeering in 1992.

“He should have asked for permission. A standup, respectable guy would come and ask ‘If I could use the nickname,’” Agnello, who is trying to launch a music career READ MORE


USC is trying to strip Reggie Bush of all his accolades and awards he recieved from their instiution, including his memory, due to the shame and sanctions he has cost the school (July 20). In a report released by the NCAA, Bush and his family allegedly received improper benefits from marketing agents while he was playing at USC. READ MORE

No Tiny in ‘Tiny and Toya’ Next Season


Word on the street is there will be no Tiny in next seasons’ Tiny and Toya (July 20). According to online reports, Toya will be starring in her own spin off from the BET hit entitled “Toya’s Family Affair,” which will focus on her life, her daughter with Lil’ Wayne and her relationships. But don’t worry, Tiny will make guest appearances.

“We just decided to kind of part ways because READ MORE

Mya New Hair “Do” & The New Love Of Her Life?


Singer song writer Mya has been working hard these days as she prepares to put out her new album later this year(Winter 2010). It is said that it will have an  electro-dance-rock vibe.(I hope we are feeling it) Mya was recently spotted rocking a new blonde hair ‘do while hosting the Carrera Sunglasses Escape Party in Miami recently. She also has a new love of her life. READ MORE

Black Parents Have White Baby!

white baby

Two proud British Nigerian parents gave birth to a white baby (July 18). Yes, a blond hair, blue eyed child. The stunned black dad of a newborn, white, baby girl declared yesterday — “I’m sure she’s my kid … I just don’t know why she’s BLONDE.”…crickets. READ MORE


Janet Jackson is the latest icon to pose for Blackglama 2010 Legends Campaign as of July 15. She has now joined the ranks of Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Ray Charles, Liza Minelli, and a host of others. Jackson was photographed by Rocco Laspata of Laspata DeCaro, at the Milk Studios in New York, and features black fur, mink, and ribbons. Word is she also got to keep the mink.

The campaign, which begins in September, will span print, online and outdoor outlets. When Janet was asked how she felt about being the next legend to grace the cover, she indicated humbly, “I have too much to accomplish to be considered a Legend…”

The ads will appear in Vanity Fair, W, Vogue, T Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as WWD and, in addition to the international editions of Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Click below to check out the vid of Jackson’s Blackglama photo shoot! READ MORE

Model Pebblez Butt Injections Going Overboard


Model Pebbelz recently shot a new photoshoot, and her  booty looks even bigger than before. This “5 foot 3″ Memphis native is a regualar Big Booty Judy with measurements are 34 “D’ bust, 28 Weist and 44 Hips to match. After you watch this video…you will probably change that to 60 in the hips!

Click below to watch the progression of Pebblez Donk!



Drake recently performed one of his many hit tunes “Fancy” at the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest in Canada this weekend (July17). He drew out thousands to this performance, where he made the girls of Ottawa feel special…considering he was in Canada and he is a native. At the end of the song, he began to call out the fancy females in the crowd.

I gotta find me a fancy girl. Hold on. Anybody can be fancy baby. Let me see who I can find. Oh this lil girl in the front row, oh she fancy, with the lil white tank top with your titties out? Oh you fancy huh. Oh you right there in the blue, oh you fancy huh?

Oh you pulling your titties out? Do it then. Don’t front on a nigga now. That was like bra. But you still fancy though.

Oh shit, is that your girl? Is that your girl? Is that your girlfriend? Don’t mess up like that if thats your girl, I would f*ck the shit outta your girl. She thick too. She got a big ass and everything. I would put in on you. I would rub hot oil all over your body. I don’t get a f*ck about your man…No offense though.

Check out the vids below. READ MORE