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Like most men, Drake has admitted in a recent interview with Canadian reporter Nardwuar that he is partial to big breasted women.

I put like the biggest breast bras on my mic stand,” he admitted. “I try to showcase the fact that a full chest is nothing to be ashamed of… You shouldn’t go get them reduced. Breasts are a beautiful thing.”

In a bizarre revelation, Drake actually admitted to saving all the bras that are thrown to him on stage.

“I actually have an entire trunk, I think there’s about READ MORE

Bristol Palin Baby

Boy oh boy. According to RadarOnline, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy and soon to be husband has allegedly knock up his ex girlfriend…and this comes out just months before the Bristol and Levi nuptials. Lanecia Garcia, Levi’s ex-girlfriend, says he knocked her up while he and Bristol Palin were broken up.

“Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure,” a source told


Jennifer Lopez The NEW Judge on American Idol


Jennifer Lopez has reportedly replaced Ellen Degeneres as a judge on the widely popular television show ‘American Idol’ (July 29). Degeneres announced Thursday she was leaving after one year as judge. Simon Cowell left last year after 9 seasons.

Ellen said,

“A couple months ago, I let Fox and the ‘American Idol’ producers know that this didn’t feel like the right fit for me,” DeGeneres said READ MORE


Last night, Kat Stacks was interviewed on Kandi Burruss’s (RHOA) show Kandi Coated Nights, airing every Wednesday on Ustream /  During the intervew, she gave us insight on what got her to where she is now and how she got all this internet fame.


Alot of people think they know Kat’s story but really they have no idea of what she has been thru and all of the obstacles that she overcome.



On July 28, Kanye West, a new arrival in the Twitter community, tweeted that the name “Good Ass Job” was no longer the name of the new album and he was currently “bouncing a couple of titles around now”. Kanye has over 2o0,000 followers as of yesterday. Click below to see how he feels about Twitter! READ MORE


The L. Boogie we all knew is back… and sounds like the old sultry songstress we grew to love in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Former Fugees member Lauryn Hill took the stage at the FESPAD Festival in Kigali, Rwanda on Sunday – the same day her new track “Repercussions” leaked onto the Internet. Sporting a blazer, red stiletto booties and African-inspired harem pants, L Boogie performed a handful of notable tracks, including The Fugees’ “Ready or Not.” Check out the vids below. READ MORE


Terrell Owens signed with the Cincinnati Bengals on yesterday (July27) officially becoming the team mate of Chad Ochocinco. Although these two damn near twins don’t have to compete on the field anymore, the 2 definitely have competition for ratings with their new shows on Vh1.


According to– which broke the story — Owens signed a one year deal and will earn a base salary of $2 million READ MORE

Tameka Foster Goes In On Chili!


You may have seen Vh1’s Behind The Music on last week (July17) where Usher explained his rise to super stardom, and his relationships with his mom and dad, his label, Chili, and Tameka and the kids. Sources say after the airing of the show, Chilis segment and personal accounts of Usher caused Tameka to sound off via Twitter. Of course people were wondering why Tameka didn’t get an interview for the show.

Well Tameka tweeted,

“I hv no reason 2 be jealous or bitter I have “what she wants”. Be clear abt this. I DECLINED to speak READ MORE