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Rap superstar T.I. hasn’t said much about getting married to Tameka “Tiny” Cottle late last month, and that isn’t about to change. The emcee recently spoke with MTV News and said he’s going to keep his family life to himself. He remarks, quote, “You know me, man. I try to keep everything personal, personal. I will say this: I’m happy.” T.I. is, however, willing to talk about his upcoming album, “King Unca READ MORE


Just as fast as beef was declared on wax, it has been denied. Today (Aug 10), MTV asked Jeezy about his alleged beef with Rick Ross. Jeezy denied all beef and said his lines in “The Real B.M.F.”

How you blowing money fast? You don’t know the crew. Oh you part of the fam? S%$* I never knew

were not an attack on Ricky. o_O Whatever. If Jeezy is squashing the beef because its silly then HOORAY for common sense!! Perhaps all of this is just a publicity stunt for his new mixtape “1000 grams” which drops Thursday. In the interview, Jeezy calls Ross insecure and calls us crazy. READ MORE

Woman Fight’s Over Not Getting Mc Chicken Nugget


Some people take their food seriously – but no one more than one customer at Mc Donalds in Toledo, Ohio. Melodi Dushane was so frustrated that she couldn’t get her chicken nuggets because the restaurant was serving breakfast. Therefore, she attacked the window clerk. On the surveillance video, which has just been released by police, Dushane, 25, appears to get out of her car and hit the drive-through employee in the mouth. Seconds later she smashes the window before driving off. She was arrested and has served 60 days in jail and faced a $1500 vandalism charge. My only question is what about the poor clerk that got her A** whooped… LOL here the video. READ MORE

Kanye West’s Next Album Comes Out In November


Kanye West continues to reveal details about his upcoming album. The emcee spoke to fans via a Ustream video last Friday, and said his yet-untitled fifth studio release will arrive “sometime in November.” Kanye also announced that the next single off the record will either be “Lost In The World” or “All of the Lights,” adding that the track could be released in about three weeks. Kanye just recently premiered the video for his latest single, “Power.” READ MORE


A North Carolina woman’s claims that Fantasia Barrino’s alleged affair with her husband caused the couple’s divorce is not true, says the American Idol winner. “Fantasia is certain that she is not responsible for the deterioration of [their] marriage,” the singer’s manager, Brian Dickens, said in a statement Monday. READ MORE


R&B star Usher hosted his first World Leadership Awards event in Atlanta, Georgia Friday night. The “OMG” singer tells MTV News he was inspired to create the ceremony by one of the country’s former presidents. Usher remarks, quote, “It was an idea that was born in New York City with President Clinton. Being a part of the Clinton Global Initiative every year has given me the opportunity to do something with the youth that I felt like would talk to the rest of the world.” Celebrities like producer Jermaine Dupri, singer Ciara, and teen pop sensation Justin Bieber were also in attendance at Usher’s World Leadership Awards.
Usher’s New Look Foundation backed the event. His charity also donated 150-thousand-dollars for a mobile clinic that will travel to Haiti. Usher calls the donation a “huge step toward youth addressing world issues.” Here are all the pic’s READ MORE

Wyclef’s Presidential Ad; Pras Does Not Support


So, I guess it’s really happening. Wyclef is really about to run for President of Haiti. I am willing to bet money that this is gonna be a mess. He is notoriously unfaithful to his wife, is suspected of doing shady things with his foundation, and has no experience in diplomacy as proven by the Fugees’ non-reunions. I am not alone in my skepticism. Fugee member, Pras, seems to agree with me. To see Wyclef’s ad and Pras’ interview on Wyclef’s run, READ MORE

Did Beyonce Bring Back Sasha Fierce?


I was starting to wonder where Sasha Fierce has been since the last couple of albums and shows Beyonce has done. Well, according to the homey NecoleBitchie, SHE’S BACK! More fierce than ever might I ad, advertising her brand DEREON in an issue of Lucky Magazine. READ MORE