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The Phillipines government has said it is winning the war on drugs and that the streets are now safer despite new disturbing images of dead bodies filling the country’s roads.

President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to rid the country of drug sellers and in a six month terror campaign, as much as 6,000 people have been killed in police raids and at the hands of vigilantes.


dsc_5562Supermodel Eva Pigford might be adding first lady to her extensive resume thanks to her fiancé Atlanta politician Micheal Sterling announcing he’s running for Mayor of the City of Atlanta. The couple was spotted at Atlanta’s Suite Lounge hosting a day party powered by Rockstar Promotions and Traxx Girls. The event was an opportunity for Micheal Sterling to connect with his constituents in the ATL and have a little fun.


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Michelle Obama At It Again With The Bomb Speeches!


Michelle Obama has made her own name for herself. She is the first First Lady to let it be known that she is her own person with her own thoughts and actions. She makes it known that her and President Barack Obama work together as a team and always will to make decisions in the best interest of the American people.

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Last night at the Democratic Convention, Michelle gave us what seems very close to the last piece of her useful knowledge in the position that she is in.


She made another speech that touched lives and made people reevaluate their reasons for living in a positive way. She kept it very honest and straightforward which is another reason why I love her and still related to many people.

Although people may not like her or the fact that she is a strong black woman who holds her own and is not walked all over by her husband, she continues to thrive.


The reason so many young girls will have hope today for wanting more in life is because of the necessary example that she has set.


Thank you Michelle for never letting us down but always lifting us up with your words, but most importantly your actions!

How Unoriginal Can You Get?


Last night was the Republican Convention and we all know that at these conventions the spouses of the candidates have to make a speech. Well, Melania Trump who is an immigrant by the way decided to take it upon herself to steal Michelle Obama’s speech that she made at the Democratic convention in 2012, anticipating President Obama’s second term in office.

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Now, you know the media had a field day with this one right? The memes and actual posts from celebrities in disapproval of this speech were out of this world this morning and still are. How do you think that you would be able to just get away with stealing an entire speech for one of the largest political conventions there are during this race.


I also put emphasis on the fact that she is an immigrant because we all know that Donald Trump is against immigrants. But he is a walking talking contradiction because we are all in the same boat when it comes to that. Newsflash to everyone on earth we are ALL immigrants. The big melting pot is the reason that the world goes round.





Travel Advisory!


First, thing is first, I know that there are many bothered white people who think that they are entitled to everything on this earth including people but they are wrong. Those actions are soon backfiring on the U.S. Everyone loves the United States until recently it has been more than evident that this racism that they so call say doesn’t exist is very much so present. With that being said that is not a good look for tourist.

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Just got wind that the people from the Bahamas are not in agreeance with all the headlines of racial police brutality. They have officially put a travel advisory out for their population for traveling to the United States. If no one knows what that means it means that because of the racial tension that has been published recently they warned people to not go to the Unites States until that is taken care of.


Now, I think this is a great thing actually because if more countries do that than these ignorant people will realize how much we need tourist and “immigrants”. I’m so tired of hearing people talk about real america as if that is white america because contrary to what is being portrayed that is a lie.


Never forget that America was built on the backs of slaves and Native Americans. That is and always was the ONLY “real america” if we want to be honest here. Know the facts!

Educate yourself.


Three suspects are in police custody and one is dead after an attack on police during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas. Two shooters were snipers, who shot from “elevated positions” and another claimed that there were bombs planted downtown.


Elie Weisel Dies At 87!


Holocaust survivor, Elie Weisel was pronounced dead at age 87. He died in his home in Manhattan, New York on Saturday. This man was the voice for many jews that were unable to tell their story during the horrific dictatorship of Hitler.

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Elie was so recognized that he also was awarded the Noble Peace prize in 1986 for all of his marvelous books about his experiences in concentration camps. His books were so good that he was given the nickname “messenger of mankind” by many people.


It is times like these where we actually like to remember that things such as the Holocaust even happened and it wasn’t that long ago that it happened either. I am grateful for all the stories that he shared giving the jewish people a voice but I wish that people would make issues like this popular when they are actually occurring opposed to after the fact.


However, this man lived a good life and many people from his community and outside of his community respected him for what he shared. It must be hard to share such experiences but if no one speaks up then we all fall subject to history repeating itself with no control of the outcome.



Hillary Clinton Democratic Candidate!



So the race has been going and going and I know the anticipation is getting greater but the votes are in and it is official that Hillary Clinton is the democratic candidate! The race with her and Bernie apparently has not been that close this entire time and now we all can be sure that Hillary is our only hope. We know this so much so after Barack Obama has endorsed Hilary!

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I honestly think that Obama wanted to endorse Bernie but since he found out that his chances of beating Hillary were clearly slim to none the he just gave in. For me the thing is I just don’t trust Hillary because she is good friends with Trump. My thoughts are if she does win that her intentions will lean towards trying to please everyone and that’s too much.


What do you all think about the race this far? I feel like we really only have one option when it comes to the presidents this year. The United States of America cannot claim the diversity and equality that it does now if our leader is the opposite of that.

Let’s keep moving forward !