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WATCH Bad Girl Club Season 14 Episode 8

bad-girls-club-season-14-back-for-more-696x435On Tuesday nights episode of Bad Girls Club (Oct 6) the new girl arrives at the house and doesn’t cause any drama, but it doesn’t take long before the other girls start some for her. Beatrice misses her boyfriend and begins to focus more on Kat, and the ladies celebrate Kat’s birthday.  READ MORE


black ink crewOn Monday nights (Sep 21) episode of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess is surprised when Ceaser asks her to sign a prenup. Ceaser wonders if he is doing the right thing when he turns down a dream offer, and Sky finds peace after dealing with a painful part of her past. READ MORE

WATCH Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 3

hollywoodOn Monday nights (Sep 21) episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Brandi discovers that max has been leaving his wedding ring at home and decides to pop up on him at the studio with MizzNikkiBaby. In other news, Fizz has to put a halt on his relationship with the new girl Kamiah after he comes home and realizes that she has moved some of her belongings into his home. SouljaBoy’s sidekick shows up and Nia decides to put her in her place. READ MORE

shes-got-game-696x392On Monday nights (Sep 14) episode of She’s Got Game, The Game’s connection deepens with one of the girls after a overnight date. The Game spends a day on Lake Michigan with some of his fans. Elle makes an aggressive play that doesn’t work in her favor.  READ MORE

black ink crewOn Monday nights (Sep 14) episode of Black Ink Crew, O Shit goes to visit Donna, his apprentice and he is confronted by her new man. Ceaser and Dutchess go to look at houses in North Carolina and Ceaser isn’t too thrilled about the idea of leaving New York, which leaves Dutchess wondering why he asks for her input if he isn’t really willing to move. READ MORE

hollywoodOn Monday nights (Sep 14) episode of Love and Hip Hop, Ray J is shocked and confused to learn that Teiarra and Princess have some sort of relationship. Moneice disappears because of her new man, Richie Dollas. Soulja Boy and Nia Riley run into relationship problems when an old friend of theirs threatens their relationship. All while Milan wants Miles to move in with him, but he isn’t willing to let go of his old life. READ MORE

WATCH Basketball Wives LA Season 4 Episode 9

bbwives laOn Sunday nights (Sep 13) episode Shaunie brings in a familiar face, Tami Roman to meet the girls and fill them out due to the fact that Shaunie still feels unsure about them. Malaysia disses Angel’s lingerie line and is always caught in the ring of fire with the girls because she is always defending Draya. Jackie begins to question the relationship she has with Malaysia after she has a conversation with Tami. READ MORE

WATCH She’s Got Game Episode 5

shes-got-game-696x392On Monday nights (Sep 7) episode of She’s Got Game, Rebecca gets the first overnight date with The Game which makes the girls jealous and prompts them to try and knock out their competition. To make things even more interesting, one of the girls has a secret!  READ MORE