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Oprah Network Dismisses CEO

Oprah Winfrey’s cable channel is experiencing a shakeup in the executive ranks. OWN Chief Executive Christina Norman has been shown the exit door, just five months after the network’s launch. The channel has been struggling to gain traction in the ratings realm and will now turn to Discovery Communications exec Peter Ligouri to help turn things around.

Ligouri will serve on an interim basis while continuing his role as Discovery’s COO. READ MORE

Just when you thought reality shows were slowly dying off, our oh so favorite twins of america hist us with the double wammybammy! Tia & Tamara formerly of the hit sitcom “Sister Sister” have just released statements that they will be starring in their own reality show. A show based off how the two have since transitioned since their childhood stardom and now leading healthy lives in their new marriages and solo careers.

The Reality show will be called “Tia & Tamara Take 2”, a very suiting name because ever since the “Sister Sister” sitcom cancelled we all kinda were left wondering what’s next with the girls. The new reality show will also follow the two sisters as Tamera Mowry gears up for her wedding and marriage to Adam Housley and Tia Mowry gets ready to give birth to her first baby with husband Cory Hardrict.


Braxton Family Values Recap

On tonight’s episode of the Braxton Family Values or “The Black Kardashians” as I like to call it, the Braxton clan heads to Los Angeles, CA to support Toni who was being honored by the LA Lupus Foundation. The episode starts with the Braxton sisters and Mama Braxton arriving at Tamar’s house; for those of you who don’t know anything about the show Tamar is the baby sister and in true baby fashion goes on to seek all the attention by giving these GROWN WOMEN these rules for her home which is cool I guess… but WHY?? Lol

Majority of the episodes we notice that she is the show between her signature phrases ending in dot com, net, org, or even edu. Well, tonight was no different however very emotional to say the least. Toni whom I thought had already revealed that she had Lupus was just
telling three of her sister’s for the first time. READ MORE


Last night on Dancing with the Stars, Nicki Minaj showed all the doubters she really is talented by singing live. The Queen of Young Money shared the stage with dancers while entertaining the audience as only Nicki can. I thought the performance was hot. What ya’ll think? Check out the video below.


Chinese media have dubbed him “No. 1 fat kid, in the world” but Lu Zhi-hao could soon be dropping the pounds. A Hong Kong weight-loss clinic has offered to treat the 136-pound boy yes people I said 136 pounds, known as Xiao Hao, believed to be the world’s heaviest 4-year-old, and they’re doing it free of charge.

Xiao Hao is just a shade over 3 1/2 feet tall and has already been examined at several hospitals to determine the cause of his obesity, which doctors attribute to poor eating habits, The Daily Telegraph reports. As a result, the toddler’s parents are applying for travel permits to Hong Kong, where they plan to escort Xiao Hao in a few weeks


“We believe there must be specialists in Hong Kong who can help us,” said his father, Lu Ye-ming.

“He has difficulty moving up and down stairs,” his mother recently told Reuters. “He needs help getting on the bus that takes him to the child care center. It’s also difficult to bathe him because of the rolls of fat.”

Doctors believe that if the boy’s weight goes untreated, it could become life threatening by the time he reaches 20. Here are some photos of the little boy…



From man whore to Mayor, the 50 year old former 2- Live Crew rapper Luke is running for Mayor of Miami. Campbell has filed all of the necessary paperwork to run for mayor of Florida’s Miami-Dade County. Ok so I’m confused does this mean he won’t be hosting strip-a-thons anymore?

In an interview Luke had this to say: “My major hurdle is people taking me seriously, a lot of people think this is a joke,” he said. “I call it a banana republic and I’m serious about it. You look at the commission and they make their own rules as they go, regardless of what the county attorney says, they make their own rules, just do what they want. They have no respect for the people.” READ MORE


Rihanna won’t be a judge on Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” later this year, but it’s not because she isn’t interested in the show. The singer stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on Wednesday where she said she would have “loved” to have been a part of the competition. Rihanna went on to explain that her busy schedule won’t allow her to take part, noting that it’s “impossible” for her to be on set for “months at a time.” Rihanna also discussed the new remix of her hit “S&M,” which features Britney Spears. Rihanna says collaborating with Britney was “great,” adding that their “similar sounds” are what really make the track work.

Rihanna performed ‘California King Bed’ on ‘American Idol’ results show and did an amazing performance! She looked and sounded graet Watch the performance on the player above!


After the performance, Seacrest pressed Rihanna for details about her upcoming tour and the rumor that she was planning something special in order to fully incorporate her fans into the experience!

“You always know the inside scoop!” Rihanna protested, before opening up a bit about the plan. “Right now, we just designed the stage. I’m really not supposed to say this, but I want to get you excited,” she told the crowd. “We’re building two sections on the stage [for the fans. They’ll be] closer than they’ve ever been. It’s real VIP.”

Here are all the pic’s from the show… READ MORE


I wanna send out a congratulatory to my homegirl Antonia Carter she just made history for being BET’s #1 returning series premiere ranking in a whopping 1.5 million viewers. So this just shut the nay sayers down, for everyone who throws her into the category of a jump-off or baby mama she is clearly defying the odds and making a name for herself through hard work, dedication to her family and just wanting to put out positive energy in the world.

Toya’s new hit reality show allows us to journey with her as she continues to carve out a personal and professional path for herself while dealing with the burden of keeping her troubled family together and out of the perils of street life. Aside from her successful show, Toya is currently promoting her anticipated new memoir, “Priceless Inspirations,” will be released by Farrah Gray Publishing on April 15. The book includes a foreword by Toya’s ex-husband, multi-Grammy Award-winner Lil’ Wayne and speaks to girls and young women facing tough challenges regarding love, sex, motherhood and relationships.

A while back Toya went to twitter to vent after she saw and eight year old gay boy in the store.

“It breaks my heart to see children under 18 gay #idon’tlikeit WOW”

Toya took some slack for her remarks which forced her to reevaluate her views and understanding on the gay community. She received insight from a family member on gays and the reasonings behind it. She now is open minded and no longer discriminate against anyone.

Checkout an in depth video Toya did with Theladiesroom to clears up comments of her saying Lil Wayne not making her career and apologizes for statements she made about the gay community: READ MORE