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Before Jackie Robinson broke color lines, before Brown vs Board of Education, and before Rosa Parks and the Little Rock Nine, Marion Motley, Wood Strode, Kenny Washington, and Bill Willis all were signed to NFL teams in 1946. This would become one of the most iconic moments in history. The story of these four unsung heroes has been shared but not in the depth of what this documentary will present.

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Rihanna tweets a message to CBS after they pulled her song, “Run This Town” from the Ravens vs. Steelers pre-game  intro last week in light of the Ray  Rice  controversy. Rihanna is known for sharing her thoughts candidly on social media and CBS is not feeling her strong reaction.

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NFL Running Back Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse!


Adrian Peterson is the second NFL player to get in trouble with domestic violence after spanking his son. The brutal spanking has led the baller to be indicted for child abuse.

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The NFL is in some serious trouble because a source has come forward to say that the elevator KNOCK OUT by Ray Rice was known by the NFL.

This story keeps getting deeper and deeper.
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BREAKING NEWS: Baltimore @Ravens Release RB Ray Rice!

The Baltimore Ravens have announced the release of RB Ray Rice on Monday.

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The elevator video of Ray Rice knocking his then fiancée now wife out is out and it’s VICIOUS.

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GlenDavisGlen “Big Baby” Davis must be having an awesome summer! Not only has Davis resigned to the clippers in July; on August 16th Glen “Big Baby” Davis, of the class of ’04 will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at LSU Foundation’s 15th-annual alumni recognition event. The 28-year-old free-agent forward has also played for Orlando and Boston, where he and current Clippers coach Doc Rivers won the NBA championship in 2008. READ MORE


Lil Wayne’s camp is clearing up confusion about soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement in Lil Wayne’s new sports management company.

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