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Ian Connor, celebrity stylist and model, came to blows in Paris today with Theophilus London and A$AP Bari. The video, which can be seen on Twitter, shows Connor start the fight by punching London after an exchange of words.


Say His Name…

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Dayshen McKenzie, another young African-American boy dead because of the hatred in this world. This young boy was running for his life from a racist mob of predominantly white males, with one hispanic who threatened him with a gun. His cause of death was an asthma attack which occurred while he was running for his life. He was attacked with racial slurs as well and apparently this was all over a fall out with some, girl?

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The car that was driven had Pennsylvania tags and all these boys are in their teens. I am honestly speechless. There is just one story after the next about African-Americans dying and racism continuing to be demonstrated.

unnamed (22)

I can only imagine what the mother of this young boy is going through. The fact that I’m not even surprised that things like this are still occurring is sad. I shouldn’t be afraid to go on a road trip anywhere in this world because I’m afraid of being racially profiled or caught by rednecks, hill billy’s, or members of the KKK.



I don’t see what joy is brought out of hating so much and for no reason at that.

It’s crazy and at the end of the day, if we are willing killing one race of people we are in turn killing the entire human race. It is just that simple.

When will that sink in?


Keep Your Enemies Close, Right?


6XEBAXLjTaylor Swift may not be the most popular person in everyone’s eyes but not to the point to just show up at her estate un announced, I would think. It was just reported that earlier today Taylor Swift had an uninvited man show up at her doorstep. I know you all want to know, well was she at home?

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Sources report that Taylor Swift actually was not home and has not made a public statement on this situation. Apparently, the man was at her doorstep with a duffle bag and he look disoriented physically but not psychotic. He was taken to the police station but still hasn’t been charged with anything, not to sure if he really committed a crime, but he could have entered her home which they are still investigating. No one knows his purpose for showing up at her house but he was definitely detained by Taylor’s bodyguards until the NYPD arrived.


If this sounds suspect to you, imagine what is going through Taylor’s mind. Especially, because this is not the first time something odd like this has occurred. She also had this problem with her house in LA with two random men. I’m not sure if she lives alone but this being the third time something of this nature has happened I would be sceptical as well.

Be safe out there ladies!

It’s Never That Serious…


What do you consider to be the value of your life? Do you set limits on it or do you strive to exceed above and beyond no matter what situation is? It’s questions like these that the younger generations growing up do not think to ask themselves. The recent murder of a 16 year old, Amy Joyner who attended Howard High in Delaware is one example of many that reflects this. This girl was beat up unconscious until she died by three of her peers, who were charged today.

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The fight or dispute was over a boy. A boy who does not even attend the same school as these girls, not that he is even relevant. This story broke my heart you all. There are things like this happening everyday and no one cares enough to redirect the youth, the future of the world. The three teens were charged with connection of the student’s death.


These days people love to instigate while they record terrible acts and then post it on social media for the world to see. It’s crazy and sick. I do not understand how you can’t see that social media is the devil. People having the right to say what they want is poison. I am personally very glad that these three girls were charged but at the same time I’m sad. The “justice system” will not hesitate to lock them up, (and that should give you a hint as to what race they are) and their lives are over because of something that was beyond avoidable. A boy is never worth your life babygirl, think higher of yourself, think higher.


Is Kanye West Showing A Jealous Streak?


As we are all simmering down from the hype of the Met Gala and the outfits we saw, it seems that things have heated up with the best dressed Kardashian couple on the scene, that night. It’s has been reported that Kanye West fired his bodyguard because he was talking to his wife Kim Kardashian. Now, does this sound like something we think Kanye would do?

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Kanye isn’t the jealous type he is too certain of himself, right? Which is why he confronted the story saying that he did not even hire the guard. He was hired through Kanye’s security company. This man has worked for them before and I’m pretty sure the bodyguards talk to the celebrities all the time, so what makes this situation different?


Well Kanye, continues, saying that the man was only hired for a temporary job that night when they needed extra coverage, which was an understood agreement between the two parties. Kanye didn’t have a problem with him talking to Kim at all but after recent suspicions of him using this story for publicity, it might be his last time working for them forever!

What’s the lesson here? Never push your luck.



On April 22, 2016 4x Grammy Award Winning Producer Hitman Stevie J and the mother of his first son Pastor Rhonda Henderson had her booking signing, “The Private Life of A Public Woman” at Perimeter Mall inside of the Paparazzi store. Yes you see it!  You think you know  someone by looking at them from the outside or by just watching them from the outside from a public view but you have no idea. READ MORE

Ethika knows how to play “The Game”

Ethika has now capitalized on the highly publicized marketing that “the Game” gave to them featured in his “Fineniggafriday” show! Everyone that knows me knows i’m always looking for an excuse to talk about Jayceon Taylor A.K.A “The Game”! So when i heard that he had signed on to make money-moves with underwear phenom Ethika i was uber excited so let me get to it!

If you don’t know what “Fineniggafriday” is allow me to introduce you to Game’s one man tease show! The platform is Instagram, the star is Game’s “Meatprint” and the audience is The world! Every Friday the Game would take a bathroom selfie wearing only his Ethika briefs with his very aroused elongated ‘meat’ in those briefs, men don’t roll your eyes and ladies breathe! So with all the attention that he received about his err’ junk’ Ethika went on ahead and did the genius thing and that’s made the call and told Game, “let’s make some paper”!




After a 500% increase in sales reported by TMZ, Ethika offered Game an opportunity to collaborate with them for a line of men’s briefs specifically for the rapper. It is being reported that sales from the underwear line will benefit Game’s own charity “The Robin Hood Project” and he will also be giving donations to a random homeless shelter.


For those of you that are not aware of his philanthropic side, you can follow his verified Instagram page @losangelesconfidential to see how the self-proclaimed modern day Robin Hood gives back to people across the world! In September (15) to promote the release of his anticipated album “The Documentary 2″ (the red and blue album), Game promoted a little bit of extra hype by telling his Instagram followers to comment each day under his post #thedocumentary2keepthecitylit after which some lucky and random fan would receive $1,000. Where he was not able to personally deliver the funds he enlisted friends and family to get the money to the winners!




He may not be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, but im pretty sure he’s your woman’s favorite “Fineniggafriday” every day and its not hard to see why!

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The Beyhive has no chill. Repellent anyone?

She’s still #trending and people are still sipping on that #lemonade, however the real question that everybody wants to know and that has the world in a buzz is, who’s the “becky with the good hair?”

If you haven’t watched the HBO lemonade special as yet, nor have you hypnotically subscribed to Tidal to listen to the album of the same title, then you must live under a rock or maybe you’re becky!!!!

The internet has been buzzing since Saturday with suspicion ever since bey dropped this line “He better call Becky with the good hair” that cheeky and direct line she spits at the end of the song “Sorry” made Twitter, instagram and the internet on the whole crazy with the Becky memes, quips, anectotes and jokes, but that’s only the normal people that didn’t take the line too serious, the beyhive on the other hand did what most of these stans, i mean fans tend to do and started bullying all the usual suspects and even some unsuspecting ones, but with the beyhive the only untouchable person on the planet is Queen Bey herself and maybe Obama!

the witch hunt list

Rachel Roy

Rita Ora

If there is one loyal group of fans on this planet it is the “beyhive” and if you cant afford the most toxic insect repellent, then i suggest you jump int a body of water, everybody knows bees cant get wet! The beyhive will come for you if you say even the slightest thing deemed negative of miss yonce’ just ask Kid rock, he got out the insect repellent and still go stung! Rachel Roy was no exception as a matter of fact no one on the witch hunt list was!

Rachel Roy

Y’all all remember the infamous Elevator fight where Solange went H A M on Jay’z for allegedly flirting with Roy at the Met Gala and Roy has since denied those allegations, however that didn’t stop the beyhive from going in on her once “Sorry” dropped,but Roy fueled the speculation by posting this on her Instagram which has since been deleted. The ‘hive wasted no time in letting her know how they truly felt.




Rita Ora

The “Body on me” singer was not exempt from the sting. Last year was a crazy year for Ora who had several touchy moments with Bey’s husband, enough to have gotten her stung from the hive for hugging him at the Met Gala Ball and for being rumored to have hooked up with Jay after she was signed to RocNation, but Rita has always denied those rumors, but this was not why the hive was attacking her now it was because she posted this pic on her instagram.  rita-ora-lemonade

The hive had it all wrong though, because this picture was posted days before the world had heard about lemonade. to add insult to injury, ora was seen on the scene wearing the same Givenchy dress Bey wore in the documentary! I think she should have consulted with the beyhive before making this very “smart” decsion.



Ora has since responded to the rumors saying ‘I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumors are false,’ she tweeted I have the utmost respect for Beyonce.


One thing is for sure the Beyhive may not be the best source for factual information,but they are surely loyal! So for the sake of false accusations and the entire Hollywood industry becoming extinct, dying from bee stings, will the real “Becky with the good hair” please stand up!