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Kanye West Goes off on Another Rant

Yeezus was at it again during his concert in New York on Sunday. He stopped during the concert to go on a rant about Lenny Kravitz. Unbeknownst to West, Kravitz was at the concert in the audience during the foolery.

r-kelly-gaga-snlPop music has officially become white girls gone wild!  First Miley Cyrus hit the VMA stage with Robin Thicke and showed us her wild side; now Lady Gaga is letting the R&B pied piper R Kelly hunch her on stage on Saturday Night live!   Lady Gaga R Kelly SNLI’m not sure that this performance can be considered “Pop Art”, but it will definitely make your eyes pop out of your head!!!  Watch Lady Gaga and R Kelly love each other up on stage below! READ MORE

akon tmzLet Akon tell it, the average guy has a main girl, a side chick, and a jump off.  Damn.  Men is this true?

Check out Akon’s explanation for his twisted logic below.


Lamarius Moss Fake Grand Hustle 2So, if you think anybody from Grand Hustle is really accepting $10 demo submissions, you are as lame as Lamarius Moss.  And who is Lamarius Moss? Good question.  That’s what Grand Hustle wants to know???

Lamarius Moss Fake Grand Hustle FacebookApparently Lamarius has been taking money from artists and lying to them saying he is going to sign them to Grand Hustle.  Looks like he got his hands on some Grand Hustle memos from 2007 and made some fake contracts from them.  But hold up, wait a minute, it doesn’t stop there. This cat got the Instagram, Facebook, and Linked page talking about he’s an A&R at Grand Hustle!!!  ALL LIES!!!! READ MORE

Lil Mo Kevin TerryOur girl The Jasmine Brand just dropped a bomb!  Apparently there’s a new sex tape involving and up-and-coming gospel artist, Kevin Terry on youtube!!!.  Fans of the Washington native artist were shocked when the alleged YouTube clip leaked of the singer having an intimate moment of sorts with another man.  Then, R&B Diva Lil Mo, a friend of the gospel singer came to his defense. Get the details inside!!!   READ MORE

When Twerking Gets Hot And Goes Wrong


This chick gives a whole new meaning to dropping it like it’s hot! READ MORE

Pastor Bans Weaves From Church

weave-human-hairLadies, go ahead and cut those 19 inch Malaysian extensions out of your head if you want to praise the Lord, because a southern pastor has banned hair weaves from his congregation!

Pastor AJ Amir of the Resurrecting Faith Church in Waco, Texas believes that women who wear hair extensions have a false image of themselves and have low self esteem, so he does not want any of the women of his congregation wearing any.

The pastor was raised in a strict household by Isalmic parents, he is 39-years old, and his congregation is very young with the average age being around 22-years old.

The funny thing about this ban is that he used a Lil’ Wayne verse to drive his weave ban home: He said this to

Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads… I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling… Yet, a 26-year-old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.

Pastor Aamir realizes that he legally cannot prohibit women from wearing weaves in church, but he still disapproves.

Written by Danie Buchanan

Another Detroit Bus Driver Beat Down [VIDEO]


The city of Detroit is bankrupt, and the people there are losing their minds!

First you had the bus driver that upper cut an unruly passenger, and then you had the video of an alleged crack addict wild’n out on the bus, and now you have yet another Detroit bus brawl caught on tape.

Apparently things got out of hand when a woman’s transfer card got stuck in the scanner. When that happened, the woman began screaming and spitting on the bus driver.

A verbal and physical altercation between the driver and passenger ensued, the cops were called, and now these two are internet sensations.

Watch the ratchettness unfold below!

Source: Huffington Post

 Written by Danie Buchanan