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Hefe Wine and Iggy Azalea back in the day when they were making  beautiful music in the studio and the bedroom

Hefe Wine and Iggy Azalea back in the day when they were making beautiful music in the studio and the bedroom

WHy is Iggy Azalea’s EX Hefe Wine in fear of his life? So is Iggy Azalea’s team that strong that she also has goons like Bow Wow? Hefe Wine has been receiving several death threats and alledges word on the streets there is cash on the table for his demise. Check out what we found out over the weekend. Grab some popcorn READ MORE

annie-starring-jamie-foxx-quvenzhane-wallis-and-cameron-diazIn this Sony Pictures remake of the 1984 classic, ANNIE, Academy Award winning Jamie Foxx stars as William Stacks (based on Daddy Warbucks) alongside Academy Award-nominated Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) who plays Annie, the adorable orphan, who despite living in an orphanage run by mean-spirited Miss Hannigan, played by Cameron Diaz, manages to warm the hearts of all those she encounters. In this latest trailer, Stacks exposes Annie to a life she’s always dreamed of and in turn Annie’s sheer presence transforms Stacks when suddenly her estranged parents try to re-enter her life.  READ MORE




It’s always good to support the cast of the new reality show “Beat the Streets!” Check out photos of the premier party !





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I had the great privilege to attend Toya Wright’s 5th Anniversary Fashion Show for her boutique here in New Orleans, La. It was definitely a great evening for fashion, there were several designers showcasing their Ready to Wear line and I could not choose a favorite designer, they were all so amazing ! I am proud of Toya’s accomplishments and look forward to seeing her continued growth as a successful Business woman ! Check out the photos !




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It looks like “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” reality star Geneva Thomas has taken the title of the show way too literally.

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Joanne Borgella

I am sad to report that our beloved plus size model and former “American Idol” contestant, Joan Borgella, lost her battle with cancer. The young singer/model was only 32 years old.

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Insiders are reporting Katy Perry has won the coveted Super Bowl halftime spot. Contenders included Coldplay and Rihanna.

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Wendy Williams Will HOST the 2014 Soul Train Awards

Wendy watchers were the first to hear Wendy’s BIG announcement this morning! Wendy Williams will host the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards! HUGE congrats to the homie!

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