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Hefe Wine a Scumbag- Or Iggy Azalea A Beautiful Liar?

HefeIggyIggy Azalea you never cease to amaze the public with all your social media rants. Seems the Aussie Igloo Australia has been hit with yet another lawsuit over unreleased music again. Only not from Hefe Wine this time. James McMillan refers to Iggy as a “self serving and hypocritical liar.” In the past 6 months READ MORE

So many meanings. So many memories. So many people can relate. Very powerful video.

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video-2reps-feat-mike-epps-snoop-dogg-i-just-wanna-smokeRap duo 2Reps have just released a new video for their lead single “I Just Wanna Smoke”. You will see some fly cameos from Snoop Dogg and Mike Epps. Check it out below.



Ty Dollar Sign bring us a pretty trippy video which has a bit of a timely message attached to it. Check it out and let us know what you think floating heads represented.


Travi$ all ways comes with dope visuals and you would expect anything less when he has cosigns from Kanye West & TI. (who makes a cameo in the video) This time he brings Cash Moneys newest signees Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug along for the ride.


As a second time host of the American Music Awards, Mr. Worldwide couldn’t help looking back at his ratings from last year’s awards show.  He joked that ratings jumped every time he spoke in Spanish, adding that English-speaking viewers would see the rest of this year’s show in subtitles.  He also rattled off a sentence welcoming all the Spanish-speaking viewers.  In his estimation, the nod to Hispanic viewers earned the awards show an additional four-million watchers.

Pitbull wasn’t limited to his hosting duties Sunday night.  He also took the stage to perform his song “Time of My Life” alongside Ne-Yo.  While on stage, Mr. Worldwide also showed off his hit “Fireball.”  ABC broadcast the 2014 American Music Awards live from Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. Check out all the videos Below  READ MORE

#Beyonce’ Breaks the Internet with new video 7/11


Without warning, the Queen herself, Beyonce’, dropped her new video 7/11. The platinum edition of Beyoncé’s self-titled album drops next week, and the pop star has shared a video for “7/11,” one of two new songs that are included in the release. The video starts off with Beyoncé dancing on a balcony with a Kale University sweater on and follows her through some rooms in various states of disarray. Is this a rare peek at Château Yoncé? It twitch-cuts the whole time and gets progressively crazier as some backup dancers join her along the way. It’s a surprisingly low-key video for the biggest pop star in the world — especially considering the high-production values and opulence of the videos that accompanied the self-titled release — but it’s really effective. Watch below.


The release party of the feature film “Matthew 18” was held at Strip @ Atlantic Station and as always your homie had a blast ! My girl Jennifer Martinez, DC Youngfly,  the hilarious comedian Luenell and host Big Tigger from v-103 just to name a few were in the building, check out the official trailer below !


Michelle Jamieson a beautiful 18 year old who is self-willed possesses a strong desire to go away to college for her pre-med education. Her parents, with their strong spiritual and traditional beliefs, not wanting her to go relent and allow Michelle to go away to school. Once there she is to be looked after by her aunt Jessie. She is allowed to stay in a large residence that has been kept in her family for generations. While there she encounters a strange woman standing in her doorway, shaken Michelle suspects the super is trying to frighten her. Michelle with her determined mind decides to investigate this occurrence. In doing so she discovers her family’s dark past and is forced to deal with the deadly consequences.

Check out pics of the event by Briana Crudup for !


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