Chad Johnson is said to have taken a deal with the prosecutors to keep himself out of jail. About a month ago, now ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, called the police for him allegedly headbutting her. Chad was then set with a misdemeanor battery charge after the incident.

According to TMZ, he may not even see a day behind bars. Chad’s lawyers have struck a deal with the prosecutors to keep him out of jail.  After the domestic violence incident he has basically lost everything. Chad no longer is employed by any NFL team and will be placed on probation and will have to take anger management counseling. This will be his exchange for a guilty or no contest plea. Chad will also agree to a no-contact order so he will not be able to talk or see Evelyn.

A hearing has been scheduled and a judge is expected to sign off on the deal to make it official.

As reported earlier this week, Chad and Evelyn are officially divorced. They were married back in July 2012 and didn’t even make it a full 3 months. Chad appeared last night on Inside the NFL. Cris Collinsworth a co-host of the show tweeted:

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