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Chance The Rapper and movie director Spike Lee have been firing shots at each other since the release of Lee’s latest movie Chi-Raq.

Lee was speaking to a group of college students when he labeled Chance The Rapper as “a straight up fraud.” Chance, a Chicago native, clapped back at Lee with a series of tweets claiming that he has audio of Lee begging him to be in the Chi-Raq movie.

In his series of tweets Chance calls Chi-Raq an “unsuccessful flop of a movie” and even goes on to call the movie racist and sexist. Chance keeps the twitter rant going by calling Lee a lame and liar before tweeting about threatening to release audio of Lee begging him to be in the movie. Check out the series of tweets from chance below.

Chi-Raq was seen as a very controversial movie by many people, especially among Chicago area music artists. Other than Chance, other Chicago artist such as Twista, Rhymefest, and BJ the Chicago Kid have all criticized the movie for not appropriately addressing the serious gun violence plaguing Chicago.

Lee hasn’t responded to any of Chance’s tweets as of yet.

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