Charli Baltimore Says B.I.G.’s Mother Didn’t Know Him Well Enough To Produce ‘Notorious’ Film

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Former girlfriend of the Notorious B.I.G, Charli Baltimore said in a recent interview with Power 105.1 that she never watched the 2009 movie, Notorious. The feature-film tells the life story of Biggie featuring two of his leading ladies, ex-wife Faith Evans and Bonnie to his Clyde, Lil’ Kim.

After the movie was released, Kim expressed her disappointment publicly about how she was portrayed in the film.


But Biggie’s Baltimore  lover  was barley in the movie at all and she didn’t even watch the film.



She said that Voletta Wallace didn’t know her son enough to create a feature-film based on his life story.

Here’s details of what Baltimore told Power 105.1:

“I didn’t want to watch it and I didn’t feel like – nothing negative against anybody who was involved with the movie as far as the production of it – I just feel a certain way about who and what people should do [with] a B.I.G. movie. I know people who were in his day-to-day, everyday life. I was pretty vocal about that. This is just my opinion, no need for anybody to get their panties in a bunch, but the only people to me who could have shot an accurate descriptive portrayal of real life were Damion Butler, who is D-Roc, [Lil’] Cease and maybe Money L. And a guy named Seeth, who used to be around. But out of those four, definitely D-Roc, definitely Cease.”

“I don’t think anybody else could do an accurate portrayal of Big. The only reason I say that, and no disrespect to his mom [Voletta Wallace], but she just wasn’t around everyday. People grow up. The way you present yourself to your parents when you see them on holidays or whatever, that’s not really how you are everyday. If your parents are coming over, you’re cleaning the house, you’re making everything situated. You’re going to kind of be on guard. These were people that were around him good times, bad times, whatever times. That’s just how I looked at it.”

The Grammy-winning artist has remained off the screen since her 2008 performance  and is said to be releasing a new album on April 24th.

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7 Comments to “Charli Baltimore Says B.I.G.’s Mother Didn’t Know Him Well Enough To Produce ‘Notorious’ Film”

  1. Mi Mi says:

    Tiffany (Charlie Baltimore) is from Philly!

  2. ronnig says:

    so since they FIn she think she know him better than his mother?

    Apple just laid off 2,000 people & to give back they are giving away iPads next 24hrs only

  3. Dez says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm, Charli=Grammy….Ummmmmmmmmmm….NOT!!! That’s a negative, Buddy!

  4. Stacy says:

    she is so right and i believe his mother was rudento kim

  5. Ateya says:

    I agree….even when Jermain Dupre stated he use to beat Kims ass cause he saw the black eyes…OMG,Violetta was hot and saying my son didnt do this or that and people was like…you have no clue who your son is (but i love biggie)…so I agree with Charlie on this PLUS when he got in that wreck, Faith was not the one there from my understanding, it was Charlie

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  7. shanta says:

    I agree with Charlie, she may know him growing up in her home as a child, but she don’t know the real, and what he did in the streets. Thats just like my mom, I lived in her house for 20 years and she can tell you about things that happened in the home with her or things that I told her about, other then that she don’t know me like my girlfriends know me or my husband know me. Parents only know what we want them to know and see you as that sweet innocent baby of there’s, when they hear something in the streets bad about you, they normally don’t believe it because they see you as a totally different person because you act like that way in front of them. Thats just like my son, he acts like a baby in front of me and when other kids come tell me he did something, I don’t want to believe it, cause I know my baby, until his cousins came in town and we were in the car and he thought I was sleep, I heard my baby talking grown, saying he got a girlfriend and he had a slightly deeper voice then he talk to me, and I was totally shocked. Kids are sneaky and will put up a front around there parents, cause I know I did when I was young and even now and i’m grown and still act all innocent in front of my parents. Its things that Diddy know about Biggie, that his mom don’t know and all the females he was involved with know about him and n*ggas on the streets know about him that she don’t, she may heard but don’t want to believe cause she see her son in a totally different light, because of they way he act around her.

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