According to TMZ, Chief Keef has some hefty child support bills to pay.  Chief Keef has been ordered to pay his baby mama, $2600 in child support and $500 in day care expenses.


This $3100 will be paid from the reported $13,000 per month the rapper brings in.  He also owes $10,400 in previously unpaid support. A hearing is set for next month to  finalize the amount.

WOW, that’s a lot for a 17-year-old kid.

Check it out!

The 17-year-old has been a daddy since he was 15!!!! I am assuming condoms weren’t available or convenient.


I could go IN on the fact that he impregnated a “girl” when he was barely in high school, could mention the fact that he is bringing in $13,000 per month after his songs “I Don’t Like

and “Love Sosa

gained him fame and he’s not even 18 yet, I could mention his alleged gang affiliations, or his alleged involvement in several gun incidents.


Nope, won’t even go there!

Instead, I’ll just say, Keith is officially a child-supporting, 17 year-old baby daddy.

  He’ll fit in just fine with most other entertainers.

What are your thoughts on Chief Keef’s baby mama drama and child support issues?

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~Cinnamon Stixxx

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