It is said that the first love is the sweetest. Chris Brown and Rihanna from the looks of the tweets below they are following that rule and still in love…


The two still love each other but can’t possibly get back together because of their careers which will be at stake if that happens.



Although there were some problems in Chris and Rihanna’s relationship , every relationship has some ups and downs. Rihanna’s was no different.


There’s always room for improvement and better understanding when it comes to relationship. But these two apparently can’t get back together because the media will take a hand at them.

No matter what we, and the media, think about them, this is very much possible that they miss each other. Just because they are superstars doesn’t mean they don’t have hearts. They do have hearts and they do miss each other. You don’t need a thesis paper to understand that. If you’ve ever been in love before, you know how they feeling. But like they say ladies LOVE DONT HURT YOU!!!!

As it appears, Rihanna and Chris both have forgiven each other for their immaturity, misunderstanding, wrongdoings A$$ whooping and everything else that caused them be separated. The old I get I am learning instead of making fun of them just because they are superstars, we should just support them and wish them all the best.

Plus we should take a lesson from this: love is beautiful and painful at time…. LOL

What do you guys think? Do they still miss each other? If they want themselves back together, shouldn’t we support them and tell them “good luck?”

Thought first spotted at Global Grind.

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