Chris Brown shoots back at “The Real” hosts Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon for their comments about his relationship with Karreuche Tran!

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Everyone should know by now that Chris Brown is NOT a fan of anyone speaking poorly about his model/stylist girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Two of ‘The Real’ co-hosts Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon definitely tasted of Brown’s wrath Monday night after he made some not-so-nice comments about the two. The entire debacle began on Monday’s episode of ‘The Real’ where there was a segment for the ladies to discuss “staying out of other people’s relationships” and Brown’s relationship with Tran was mentioned.

Co-host Adrienne Bailon suggested that Tran’s friends weren’t necessarily forthcoming about Brown’s alleged infidelity and had their own self-benefitting agendas: “They wanna be a part of that circle. So really are your friends gonna tell you leave that?” Additionally, Braxton wondered how “blind” love really is in relationships: “But what if he keeps cheating on you in public though?”

No matter how harmless the discussion was intended, Brown was not hearing ANY of it and sounded off in a now-deleted post on Instagram. Brown’s comments were heavy with profanity and name-calling: he referred to Braxton as a “Muppet face” and Bailon as an “ole trout mouth.” Braxton addressed the situation in an Instagram post of her own where she also shamelessly plugged the presence of her new single “Let Me Know” on iTunes! Here’s an excerpt of her response:

@chrisbrownofficial @karrueche no one came at either of you but was simply using your relationship as an example of things us ladies go through in a relationship!! I do not know nor do I give a hot damn about your relationship personally…. honestly and respectfully I’m VERY sorry if you BOTH were offended about out girl chat…. however you WILL NOT think its ok to come at GROWN women and talk to either myself or @adrienne_bailon as if u have EVER had us each in your bed at ANY point in our lives!

There haven’t been any reports as of yet stating that Bailon has responded. However, Tran has defended herself via her Instagram page, referencing one of the hashtags Braxton used at the end of her IG post:


Unlike most of you… I could care less about the opinions of others.. Drama doesn’t amuse me – so yes @tamarbraxton I do have a voice, just not like yours.. However my bf I can’t speak for.. We all know he has no chill. Just like everyone else out there – he has an opinion. Have you ever thought to yourself how it may feel being judged for everything you do and half the time people have no clue what is going on? You people invest so much of your time in other peoples lives and business and get mad when they have something to say back?! If you can dish it.. You gotta be able to take it.. A lot of you mistaken my quietness for stupidity, and that’s fine because I don’t care what you think. Anyways – I’m not here for the drama [peace sign emoticon] What do you gain from the names you call me?

Hopefully, the social media back and forth surrounding this will end soon. What are your thoughts on what has been said so far? Would you react the same way? Sound off in the comments!


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