Blame it on twitter!Celebs these days are getting caught up on twitter everyday. Saying stupid stuff, going H.A.M on followers(fans), yeah, all of that(Ashton Kutcher). This is like an everday cycle for Breezy. We like Breezy over here at FreddyO but damn, when will the Tom Foolery end? Yesterday, Breezy got upset with his fans because they were bashing him about deleting tweets . He responded by saying “If I wanna delete my tweets! Its really my f*ckin biz! U have your twitter and Ive got mine! Get All the way off my d**k”. 

I really thought Chris said all of his fans were…..”Beautiful People”, now they’re his haters!   Read these tweets:

What do y’all think…is Chris over reacting….does he need some counseling? Will you buy his new album “Fortune”?

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