Chris Brown may miss his court date today. But get this he’s may miss his court hearing while in police custody. Huh? WHAT???

So let me get ths straight, the US Marshals picked up the singer to extradite him to DC over a pending case, despite CB’s attorney assuring he’d show up for court. And as a result they are late delivering him to his court date on time?

Per TMZ:

We’re told he made several stops along the way and typically when a prisoner lands he is taken to a nearby jail to wait for the next available flight.

Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos will be in a D.C. courtroom Monday trying to get his client’s case dismissed on grounds of grand jury misconduct. It’s unclear if Chris will make it to the hearing.

I’m sorry, but this is yet another failure at the hands of authorities. If we as citizens miss our court dates, or are late, the gavel oftentimes comes down on our heads. But who’s gonna come down on there’s for making the superstar late?

It’s all a bunch of B.S.. Somebody hand me a ‘Free Chris Brown” t-shirt.

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