Chris Brown has finally released his 6th  and long-awaited album “X”. The R&B singer has all kinds of collaborations with some of today’s biggest names.

Check out the details below.

Chris Brown’s new and long anticipated “X” is finally in stores. The singer shared his great enthusiasm on Instagram by inviting all of his fans to check it out.

This is Chris Brown’s sixth studio album, and it showcases his stature in R&B that’s almost a decade long. He has some great collaborations with R&B heavy weights including Usher, Trey Songz, and R. Kelly. The album is a much return to the old days of R&B music paying homage to R Kelly’s “12 Play” while maintaining the spirit of today’s fusion of HIP HOP infused R&B music.

The album has received negative reviews when compared to his earlier works. Most of his fans and critics will find a starch contrast in the singer’s earlier works; “X” signifies to me the challenges that the singer has faced bother personally and professionally. I think it’s unwise to expect bubble gum music or carefree music from someone who has experienced so much hardship and turmoil. Time in prison and guilt in the public eye will change anybody and alter a musician’s view on life and his music.

In all I think the album is cool.

Have you check out Chris Brown’s “X”? Do you plan on getting it?

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