AP69738153402 I swear the authorities kill me with the time and money they are putting into this Chris Brown DC debacle. It seems they are transporting him “Con-Air” style. And reports suggest he’s absolutely miserable about it. The past 5 years have been nothing but endless court cases and arrests for the superstar. The once outgoing triple threat, is now adorning a orange jumpsuit, and is shackled to a seat on a convict airline being extradited to DC to answer for charges he whooped a fans azz, along with a bodyguard, for allegedly photobombing.

Brown will be booked on a series of government planes that hopscotch across the country taking inmates from prison to prison, Vega said. The trip, with several layovers in jails along the way, could take up to two weeks.

I pray he gets his act together and SOON,

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