Christina Aguilera in Disney Land

It seems that not even “the happiest place on Earth” could put soulful singer Christina Aguilera in a good mood! The former The Voice coach went off on one of the country’s beloved characters, Mickey Mouse. Apparently, he made the diva wait and she was NOT having it!

Check out the details below!

Singer Christina Aguilera went off on Mickey Mouse at California’s Disney Land resort! Aguilera was there to celebrating her 34th birthday with friends. Her and crew wanted to take a picture with the beloved Disney character, when she was told she had to wait! It seems Mickey was due for his 15 minute break.

Well, the former Mouseketeer was NOT having it! She went off on Mickey. She called him an “a**hole” and even asked him “Do you know who I am?” Poor Mickey had to be escorted to the safety zone and security was called. However, before anything could actually be done, Aguilera and her crew dipped!

Talk about a sight to see! Hopefully, no other Disney characters were harmed or cussed out!

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