We all know and watched classic 1970’s television sitcom, Good Times, is now set to hit the big screen in a feature film. Yes, this actually is going to happen see details inside.


Good Times, which starred Esther Rolle as Florida Evans and John Amos as her husband, James Evans, Sr. will now be brought to life on as a feature film. The sitcom aired in1974 with an all star cast. Florida and James’ children were James, Jr., also known as “J.J.” (Jimmie Walker), Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis),  Michael (Ralph Carter), Florida’s best friend, Willona Woods (played by Ja’net Dubois), and their project building superintendent Nathan Bookman (Johnny Brown), better known as “Buffalo Butt”.


The writer is Phil Johnston, associate producers will be William Bannister, Michael Daniels and Neville Mouguel with Eric Monte, Tammie Evans and Carlena Harris as executive producers.  Sitcoms turned to feature films are either really good or really bad… What do you think?!

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