Comedienne Sheryl Underwood Talks About Husbands Suicide On ‘The Talk’

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Comedienne Sheryl Underwood revealed a pretty interesting story about herself on CBS’s ‘The Talk’ this past Tuesday. At the round table, the women shared their opinion about the recent suicide of Russell Armstrong, who was the husband of one of the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sheryl then chimed in about her own personal experience and how she got through it.

“My husband did kill himself and I think he had a chemical imbalance for depression. You marry a guy. I fell in love. We had been dating for 7 years, we got married for 3. I thought I was going to live this great life. I was really young trying to keep my marriage together. ”

While Sheryl did share this tragic story with the public, she couldn’t resist being her humorous self talking about funny moments that happened during her husband’s funeral. She mentioned a friend named Peaches who tried to out cry. LOL! Check the video out below:

Would you have ever guessed that Sheryl Underwood had went through something like this? She appears to be a very strong individual. Keep your head up and keep doing what you do Sheryl!

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3 Comments to “Comedienne Sheryl Underwood Talks About Husbands Suicide On ‘The Talk’”

  1. Kim says:

    …WOW…. you never know someone story!

  2. ann marie clarke says:

    Sheryl underwood,you go girl I really like watching you on the talk. Love u girl

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