Coolio is a Cheater who beats his BABY MAMA!

Pic: TMZ

Cues on Gangster Paradise. Coolio is real GANGSTER! He brought a chick home to his baby mama and then beats said baby mama. Clearly this dude has taken a FANTASTIC VOYAGE to think he can get away with such antics!

Coolio should know better than to bring another woman home to  the house he shares with his girlfriend … and he should also know better than  to allegedly punch her in the face. JESUS WEPT!

Our friends over at TMZ reports that Coolio – aka  Artis Ivey Jr. — was popped on April Fools’ Day after he allegedly  pushed Anabella Chatman to the ground and punched her in the  face.  And to add insult to injury … according to the police report,  Coolio then hightailed it out of there with their toddler son and the other  woman.

Actually … he didn’t get out clean. Anabella says Coolio struck her with his car as he beat his hasty retreat — in fact, cops say she had tire marks on her leg. Pretty compelling evidence.

Coolio tried  convincing cops HE was the victim and that she scratched him in a jealous rage,  but they weren’t buyin’ what he was sellin’ … so he was taken to the  pokey.

Calls to Coolio were not returned.

We need Coolio to get his life EXPEDITIOUSLY!!!!!!!! lol

Story Courtesy of TMZ.

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